11/04/2010 FtL: "Return of the Plague"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's From the Lab, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Haha, that Samurai Infect deck is fantastic. Such a bizarre flavour disconnect, and such a nifty combo.

I think  Infectious Slivers could work pretty well as well. Poisonous and Infect stack quite nicely. Fury Sliver + Shifting Sliver or Shadow Sliver + Grafted Exoskeleton is even better evasion than the Samurai deck managed.

...Congrats, Noel. I thought you'd have some difficulty getting me excited about Infect Week, because I don't like Infect, and I particularly don't like boring green-black aggressive decks. But yowsers... two Ashnod's Altar combos, a zany evil red-white Samurai deck and a rather funky Goblin Rogues deck with a poisonous surprise up its sleeve later, I'm left with a definite smile on my face. Good job
Loved the decks, especially the samurai deck.  In all honesty, Grafted exoskeleton would still work with Virulent Sliver.  Not only would you get poison counters equal to the creature's power you still get that extra poison from doing combat damage.  However, I wouldn't want to use any artifact with slivers because of Harmonic Sliver, and Crystalline Sliver makes things difficult as well.
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