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In LFR games, can you choose to receive less XP/gold than you were given? My H1 char is on the verge of leveling out of the tier & I want to finish more H1 modules than it'd take to level out of it.

You can however choose to not finish or botch adventures. This will earn you less XP and gold, but will probably cost you bundles to choose from as well. 
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I have seen elsewhere on this forum (or on the new official forum for LRF that you may choose to take the low level rewards if you played at high but this also restricts you only being able to take the low level bundles too.

Sorry I don't know the post/thread id otherwise I'd link it in.

This also may be superceeded in the new CCG but it it's current state I find it too cumbersome to read so I haven't sifted through it.

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