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I am posting here on behalf of a friend of mine.

My friend wishes to sign up for MTG player rewards. When signing up, the sign up page asks for a DCI number and a password. The DCI number is no problem because he is already registered. However, we are having problems understanding what the password that it is asking for is. It would be fair to note that my friend has since changed his previous e-mail address that he used to sign up for his DCI number and is no longer able to access it. (We tried the Forgot Password option to try to a fish out an answer, but this fact stonewalled us.) Is there anything that can be done to remedy this situation; and if so, what?

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The initial password was on a part of the DCI card package he's probably tossed right now.

All you can do is go to DCI customer service and see what they have to say. Sometimes it's easier to just get a new # (if he's not concerned with present rating etc.).  

Another option to try and recover his password would be to call the WoTc direct at the phone number listed here.  You'll want to listen carefully to the options and make sure you choose the right one (I think it's number 1).  Then you can actually speak to someone and try to get it resolved that way.

For future reference, there is a forum for answering Player Rewards questions
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I'll just move this thread to the Magic Player Rewards forum for futher discussion now.

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Actually, it is Gemstone386. The style sheet cut off my name. It obviously still requires more work. (Is there not a way to set the text to wrap instead of being hidden?)

Thanks for the advice everyone. I will let my friend know at the earliest possible moment.

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I did not notice that this forum existed. Thanks to both zammm and ORC_Calliope for having this thread placed in its correct location.

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Ooops, sorry about that, Gemstone386.  If you would like to make a feature request for text wrapping, most people put those on the Community Business Board.  I don't know if that gets checked by the site Admins or not, but that is the common place to put feature requests/complaints.  

I hope your friend gets this all worked out!
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Tell your friend not to bother! MPR is DEAD!
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