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I just got Caste Ravenloft and it looks awesome, but one of the first things I noticed when browsing through is that the ranger has one less power than everyone else. The eladrin and the dragonborn have racial powers (fey step, dragonbreath) and the cleric and thief have class powers (healing word, sneak attack), but the ranger has... nothing.

So, just a quick question for those of you who have played through a few times; what is it that the ranger has to balance this out? (Better powers generally? Is his exploration power particularly useful compared to some of the others?)
I believe that giving him his exploration power is meant to offset his reduced card options.  After all, everyone else has to explore by getting next to the edge and taking the brunt of whatever's on the other side.  The ranger has the ability to explore from the other side of the tile, if he so chooses. which opens up some interesting tactical advantages.
The ranger also has a auto-hit power which is pretty big.
I played a few games with the Ranger and i found that the Exploration power is a lot more potent than it appears at a glance. In fact, one of the few things my group doesn't like about the game is how everyone but the ranger sort of "skips a turn" when they explore. They are forced to use their movement but then can't attack whatever monster jumps out to mug them. In many cases the Ranger is immune to this by hiding behind another character (possibly a tougher one) when i draws a new monster.
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