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So I've read the whole book, but now that I'm going back over it for the life of me I can't remember/find it:

Do you discard and draw a new Alpha Mutation every encounter? Or every session? What page is this rule on?


A: Page 67 of the Gamma World rule book: "Using Alpha Mutation Decks In Play", bullet 4 - Refreshing Readied Powers: Att he end of an encounter, discard your readied Alpha Mutation card and draw a new card to replace it. ... If you have more than one Alpha Mutation card ... then discard and replace each Alpha Mutation card.

Additionally, page 15 under Using Cards In Play under the Discard sub-section: ...Discard your Alpha Mutation cards at the end of each encounter even if you didn't use them; discard them if you experience an Alpha Flux.

For Alpha Fluxes you discard any one of your readied alpha mutations (it can be a used one) and replace it with a new card.

Also, according to the rules in Trouble In Freesboro, if a character takes 6 radiation damage he can draw a new Alpha Mutation card. Though I'm unsure if this rule is strictly for that particular puddle of radioactive goo since there is no mention of the effect in the GW rule book.
Thanks. That's what I thought it was, but (obviously) I couldn't find it.
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