Looking for gaming group in Springfield, Missouri

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Hey, I just saw this! I'm in Niangua which is about an hour from Springfield. I have only played a little 4th but would be interested. If your still looking let me know.
Still looking or got a group? im in springfield as well
I would also like to join a group being as im new to this area
Hi guys. I'm not sure if you ever got a reply or not, but I am looking for a group as well. I just posted an LFG post for a group in Buffalo MO,  if you are still looking for a group, give it a read and see if you are interested.   Its posted in "Previous edition>General  

Here is a copy and paste link, not sure if it will work as a shortcut in this forum.

Wow, just after I gave up on this thread people start responding. If anyone's interested just hit me with a PM or reply here and I'll check back.
I'm looking for a group in Springfield to play DnD, any version except 4th.  I've been playing 33 years and I'm hoping to find a long-term group of devious and backstabbing people.  I'll settle for friendly people if I must.

I'm also open to other pen-and-paper RPG's.


Just moved to Springfield,MO area and looking to get back into gaming again. Husband also, he can DM from time to time but he is just worried he will get burnt out but we are open to anything ;)

I'm wanting to start playing. Any groups in Springfield need a player?

Hello there, is this group going on? If so, I would be interested. I have DMed, but can play as well. Mainly I am interested in 3.5 or Paizo. Thanks!


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