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Perhaps, more accurately, classes as origins.  The idea here is to use the origin mechanic to create classes for Gamma World.  Such classes would represent abilities gained through training, experience, and 'talent' in the more conventional sense, rather than mutant powers.  They're still origins in the sense that they're the result of your background or upbringing.  They could be placed in a random table, but it makes sense for the PC to choose one, as it can represent his persuit of a given interest or profession.  I'm starting with a list of possibilities, I'll add complete writeups under spoiler tags as I go.  Some of these are classes from the 4th ed of GW.



Even more than other adventurers, you feel called to discover the mysteries of Gamma Terra.  Whether your are driven by wanderlust, greed, curiosity, or a sense of wonder, you find it hard to settle into one place or occupation. 

   Explorers tend to be weathered even if relatively young, and dress and equip themselves to deal with as broad a variety of environments and dangers as possible. 

Mutant Type: 
DEX or INT; none; no overcharge bonus.
Skill Bonus (Level 1): Gain a +4 to Perception or Interaction checks.
Defense Bonus (Level 1):  +2  FORT defense
Resourceful (Level 1):  Whenever you need a piece of equipment - rope, rations, armor, weapons, even fuel or ammo (anything other than Omega Tech) - you can, at the end of your next short rest, roll a d20:  on a 10-20 you find, make, or improvise a suitable piece of equipment. 
Really Resourceful (Level 4 or 8, instead of an additional Alpha mutation):  You're never without normal gear you might need, including ammo, unless actually searched and stripped of equipment (even then, you can re-equip yourself fairly quickly given the opportunity).   You're even good at jurry-rigging and re-charging Omega Tech:  you gain a +2 bonus to Omega Charge checks and can salvage Omega Tech as if you were 2 levels higher.
Revealing Critical (Level 2 or 6):  When you score a critical hit, you notice the weakness in the target's defenses that you exploited and tell your allies about it.  Until the end of the encounter, you and your allies can score a critical hit against that specific enemy on a 19 or 20.  If you subsequently critically hit the same enemy, you inflict an additional +1d10 damage.

Probing Attack (Explorer Novice)
You attack carefully, noting how your opponent defends himself.
At-Will  •
Standard Action                            Melee or Range: Weapon
Target:  One creature.
Attack:   DEX or INT vs AC.
Hit:  1[W]+(DEX or INT)+level damage and you or one ally you choose who can hear you gain a +2 bonus to the next attack against that creature.  

Keep Going  (Explorer Utility - level 3 or 7)
You are inured to hardship and pain.
Encounter •
Not an Action                            Personal
You fail a save or are hit by an attack while bloodied.
Effect:  You repeat the save with a +4 bonus and re-gain 5+your level hps if you are bloodied.

Final Attack (Explorer Expert - level 5 or 9)
You muster your remaining determination for one last attack.
• Weapon
Standard Action                            Melee or Ranged: Weapon
Requirement:  You must be bloodied or weakened
One bloodied enemy.
if you are weakened, the weakened condition ends.
 DEX or INT + level + Acc vs FORT.  You take no penalties to this attack roll.
Hit:  3[W]+ DEX or INT + 2xlevel damage, and the target takes ongoing 10 damage (save ends). 
Miss:   half damage and ongoing 5 damage until the end of your next turn.
Effect:   If the target is dropped, you are weakened until the end of your next turn, and fall prone at the end of your current turn.



 You seek to decipher the knowledge and master the artifacts of The Ancients and of other woldlines.  Your insight, skill and courage (examining unknown technology is not the safest persuit) make you a valuable addition to a team of explorers or adventurers.

Mutant Type:  INT or WIS; none; no overcharge bonus.
Skill Bonus (Level 1): Gain a +4 to Science or Mechanics checks.
Defense Bonus (Level 1):  +2 to REF
Resourceful (Level 1):  You gain a +2 to Omega Charge Checks and salvage Omega Tech as if you were 2 levels higher.  When you expend ammo or exhaust the power/fuel of a 21st century artifact ('Ancient Junk'), you can make an Omega Charge Check to retain ammo or keep the artifact functional. 
Refurbish (Level 4 or 8, instead of an additional Alpha mutation):  At the end of an Extended Rest you can choose an Omega Tech item you have Salvaged and restore it to Charged condition.  When you later fail your Omega Charge Check with this item, you can Salvage it, again.
Ancients' Critical (Level 2 or 6):
   When you score a critical hit you inflict +1d10 extra damage, if you are using a gun or Omega Tech you also daze the target until the end of your next turn.  If you are using an ordinary weapon or no weapon at all, you may make a Science Check (DC 15+ target's level), if you succeed you weaken the target until the end of its next turn.

Omega Proficiency  (Examiner Novice)
You have learned the proper use of ancient weapons, which others find intimidating.
At Will *  Weapon
Standard     Melee or Ranged: 
Requirement:  You must be using a gun or an Omega Tech weapon.
Target:  One creature, or target entry of weapon.
Attack:  (INT or WIS) + level vs AC (or defense weapon normally attacks). 
Hit:  1[W]+(INT or WIS)+ 2xlevel (or normal weapon damage + INT).  In addition to other effects the weapon may have, the target cannot make Opportunity Attacks and is -2 to hit you, until the end of your next turn.

Cultural Insight  (Examiner Utility)
You understand the cultures and histories of alternate worldlines, alowing you to better understand aspects of the patchwork reality in which you live.
Free Action         Personal
You make a Consiracy, Interaction, Science, or Mechanics check or a check involving Omega Tech and dislike the result.
Effect:   You re-roll the check with an additional bonus equal to your INT modifier.  You use the new result, even if it is lower.

Reverse the Polarity!  (Examiner Expert)
Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow set up a chain reaction in the sub-etheric matrix that led to a system wide overload... naturally.
Standard Action    Close Burst 3
Target:  One type of Omega Tech (Ishtar, Xi, Area52) or terrain feature in burst, and each other creature adjacent to an example of the chosen type.
Attack:  (INT or WIS)+ level vs REF
Hit:  5d6 + (INT or WIS)+2x level damage.  The DM may determine that the damage has type(s) based on the Tech or Features involved.
Miss:  Half damage.
Effect:  The Omega Tech or terrain features you designate are destroyed.  Any effects they have produced, including those with set durrations or that a save could end, are ended immediately.  The entire area of the burst is lightly obscured until the end of the Encounter.



Psionics are not just mutant powers, they are latent in all thinking beings.  You have trained extensively to get the most out of whatever mutant or natural psychic talents you possess. 

   You tend to stare off into space, or look deeply into peoples eyes, as if you were able to see things others can't. 

Mutant Type: 
WIS or CHA; Psi; +1 to Psi overcharge bonus - stacks with primary origin Psi overcharge bonus (if any).
Skill Bonus (Level 1): Gain a +4 to Insight or Interaction checks.
Defense Bonus (Level 1):  + 2 WILL to defense
Psyhic Manifestation (Level 1):   You can psychokinetically move small objects (like matchsticks), bend spoons, recieve a vague mental picture of what a cooperative subject is thinking about, predict a trivial event (a knock at the door, the punchline of a joke) moments before it occurs, cause a cumulous cloud to disperse by staring at it for a few minutes, or any of a wide variety of other psychic parlor tricks.  You can also tell if a mutant has a Psi origin just by being in the same room with him. 
Psionics Training (Level 4 or 8, instead of an additional Alpha mutation):  You gain an addtional Alpha mutation, but it is always a Psi mutation.  If you do not draw a Psi mutation from your own deck, draw from the DM's deck until you get a Psi mutation.  When you experience Alpha Flux, you must discard a non-Psi mutation in preference to a Psi mutation, if you have both.     
Psychic Critical (Level 2 or 6):  When you score a critical hit, you inflict +1d10 of extra psychic damage on the target, and gain a +2 to all defenses against that target's attacks for the rest of the encounter.

Combat Precognition (ESPer Novice)
You have a sense of what your enemy is going to do next.
At-Will •
Minor Action                            Personal
Target:  One enemy you can see.
Effect:  Your next basic attack against this enemy gains a bonus to attack and damage equal to your WIS or CHA modifier.  If the attack misses, you gain a bonus equal to your WIS or CHA modifier to all defenses against that enemy's next attack against you before the end of your next turn. 
Special:  If you do damage with an attack enhanced by this power, you may not use it on the same target again until after the end of your next turn.

Cold Read  (ESPer Utility - level 3 or 7)
"I'm getting a sense that you're trying to conceal somethings from me.  That's not a very good idea, now is it?  It has something to do with the color ... blue..."
Encounter • Psi
Minor Action                           Personal
Effect:  You gain a +4 bonus to Insight, Conspiracy & Interaction checks involving one creature whom you can engage in conversation until the end of the current encounter, or for the durration of any out-of-combat interaction.  

Scanner! (ESPer Expert - level 5 or 9)
You rip into the target's mind, clawing out his thoughts, and incidentally inflicting brain damage.  If you bloody him, blood litterally flows from his nose and ears - if you kill him his head explodes.  It's not much easier on you.
• Psi, Psychic, Physical
Standard Action                            Close Burst: 5
Target:  One Creature in burst.
  WIS or CHA + level vs WILL .
Hit:  [4d6]+(WIS or CHA)+ 2xlevel, psychic and physical damage, and you draw one secret or other piece of useful information (DM decides exactly what it is) from the target's mind. 
Miss:  You and the target both take half damage.
Effect:  You are weakened until the end of your next turn. 



You hunt for food, for sport, for revenge or for survival.  It's how you were raised and how you live. 

  Even by Gamma Terra standards you tend to look a little feral or 'woodsy.'  You choose your clothes for durrability and cammoflage.  You use various tricks to mask or confuse your scent, some of which leave you smelling pretty bad by even the loose standards of post-apocalyptic societies.

Mutant Type: 
DEX or WIS; none; no overcharge bonus.
Skill Bonus (Level 1): Gain a +4 to Nature or Stealth checks.
Defense Bonus (Level 1):  +1 to all defenses
(Level 1):  .
(Level 4 or 8, instead of an additional Alpha mutation):  .   
Killing Critical (Level 2 or 6): When you score a critical hit you deal +1d10 extra damage.  If the target is already bloodied or if the attack scores more total damage than the target's bloodied value, it is killed.  (Elites, Solos, and PCs are not instantly killed by this effect).

Aimed Shot (Hunter Novice)
You take careful aim, and try to make your shot count.
At-Will •
Standard Action                            Ranged: Weapon
Target: One creature.
Requirement:  You must have combat advantage, or have used a standard action the previous round to 'aim' at the target, and not moved since taking that action.
Attack:  WIS + Acc +2 vs AC.
Hit:  1[W]+WIS+2xlevel damage, if you had Combat Advantage, add 2d8 extra damage.    

On the Scent (Hunter Utility - level 3 or 7)
You have to understand your quary, what it wants, what it needs, what it fears - then you can anticipte its moves.
Encounter • 
Move Action                            Personal
Effect:  You designate one creature you can see or uniquely identify (even if through deduction, like "the Maruader that killed this girl").  Until you kill that creature or use this power again, you gain a +4 to perception, stealth, and nature checks against that creature.  In combat, you gain a +2 to hit and +4 to damage against the designated creature with any basic attack or either of your Hunter Attack powers.

Snap Shot (Hunter Expert - level 5 or 9)
Sometimes you only have your quary in your sights for a split second.
• Weapon
Opporunity Action                            Ranged: Weapon
Trigger:  An enemy that had cover or concealment from you moves into a square where it no longer has cover or concealment.  Or, an enemy attempts to move close enough to you to make a melee attack.
One creature.
  DEX + Acc + level vs AC.
Hit:  2[W]+ DEX + 2xlevel, and you push the target 2 squares. The target cannot move closer to you until the end of your next turn. 
Miss:  You slide the target back to the last square it occupied before triggering the attack, and it's current action ends (typically this a move action). 



Guns are your way of life.  You model yourself after the gun-fighters of the ancient west and the action heroes of historical DVDs. 

  You never go anywhere without a hat, a duster, and at least two guns.

Mutant Type: 
DEX or CON; none; no overcharge bonus.
Skill Bonus (Level 1): Gain a +4 to Perception or Insight checks.
Defense Bonus (Level 1):  +2 to REF
Resourceful (Level 1): Whenever you draw Omega Tech, draw a second card, if the second card is a gun (ranged weapon), you may keep it instead of the first card.  You salvage Omega Tech guns (ranged weapons) as if you were two levels higher.  When you run out of ammo, you can make an Omega Charge Check, if you succeed, you still have ammo.
Really Resourceful (Level 4 or 8, instead of an additional Alpha mutation):  You gain a +2 to Omega Charge Checks with guns (ranged weapon Omega Tech).  You don't run out of ammo - blaze away, cowboy.   
Dead-eye Critical (Level 2 or 6): When you score a critical hit with a gun you deal 1[W]+CHA mod extra damage on that attack.

Double Tap  (Shootist Novice)
It's rule #2.
Standard Action                            Melee or Ranged: Weapon
Requirement:  you must be using a gun.
Target: One creature.
Attack: Roll two basic attacks against the target with a bonus to hit equal to your CHA mod.
Hit (one attack):  1[W] + (basic attack stat) + level, and you don't use ammo for the second shot.
Hit (both attacks):  2[W] + (basic attack stat) + CHA + 2xlevel.
Miss:  You didn't expend ammo - flip that safety off and try again next round. 

You Don't Want to Know  (Shootist Utility - level 3 or 7)
Where were you hiding that?
 Encounter • Weapon
Minor Action                            Personal
Effect:  You draw a one-handed weapon (a 'real' not improvised one) of your choice.  If it is a gun, you have ammunition for it.   You need not have actually had a weapon - or anything, for that matter - in your possession.

Conveniently Enforced Realism (Shootist Expert - level 5 or 9)
I don't know how it works were you come from, but here on planet Earth, you get shot, you bleed, you die.
• Weapon
Standard Action                            Ranged: Weapon
Requirement:  You must be weilding a gun.  An honest powder-burn'n, lead-shoot'n firearm, not an Omega Tech ray-'gun.'
Target:  One creature.
  Basic weapon attack + your CHA mod.
Hit:  2[W]+(basic attack stat)+CHA+2xlevel, and the target takes 10 ongoing damage until it dies or recieves medical attention (science check DC = your attack roll). 
Miss:  You do not expend this power (or ammo).



Perhaps your ancestors came from a worldline in which the Renaisance never happened, or were medievalist re-enactors, or the survivors in your region just naturally re-discovered fuedalism.  Or you're just a post-Apocalyptic Don Quixote.  Whatever the reason, you harken back to the Knights of old, a heavily-armed-and-armored warrior who fights for Honor (whatever that is on Gamma Terra).

   You keep your clothing and gear - especially your armor - in the best possible condition, and use colors, pictograms, or symbols (coats of arms) to identify yourself clearly to your enemies.  You maintain a proud, noble, bearing at all times. 

Mutant Type: 
CON or CHA; none; no overcharge bonus.
Skill Bonus (Level 1): Gain a +4 to Athletics or Interaction checks.
Defense Bonus (Level 1):  +2 to FORT
Shinning Armor (Level 1):  You gain a +1 AC while wearing heavy armor, and are considered 2 levels higher to salvage Omega Tech that is armor.
Chivalric Steed (Level 4 or 8, instead of an additional Alpha mutation):  You gain a mount that you can use effectively in combat.   When mounted, you occupy squares as a large creature and have a base speed of 8 (armor doesn't reduce this).  When you are first bloodied, make a save, on a 9- your mount is dropped or throws you, and you are not mounted for the rest of the encounter.
Mighty Critical (Level 2 or 6):  When you score a critical hit with a melee weapon, you inflict an extra 1[W]+CON+CHA damage with that attack, and the target is -2 to hit any of your allies until the end of the encounter.

Valiant Blow (Knight Novice)
You stand your ground and fight on, no matter how many varlets you must face.
Standard Action                            Melee: Weapon
Target: One creature.
Attack:   Make a melee basic attack with a bonus of +1 per enemy adjacent to you.
Hit:  1[W]+(basic attack stat)+CHA+level.  If you have more enemies adjacent to you than allies, do extra damage equal to your level.  If you and your allies are outnumbered, do 1[W] extra damage.

Valor  (Knight Utility - level 3 or 7)
You are brave beyond words.  Words like 'common sense,' and 'sanity.'
Encounter • 
Immediate Interrupt                            Personal
You are targeted by an attack vs will, or become dazed, stunned, slowed, weakened or immobilized due to a mind-influencing or Fear power.
Effect:  The attack does not target you and/or the condition is negated.  You gain a +4 bonus to WILL until the end of your next turn.

Smite the Foe (Knight Expert - level 5 or 9)
Righteous wrath empowers your blow.
• Weapon
Standard Action                            Melee: Weapon
Target:  One creature.
  Basic weapon attack + CHA.
Hit:  3[W]+ (basic attack stat) + CHA + 2xlevel, and the target is stunned until the start of your next turn. 
Miss:.  1[W]+(basic attack stat) + level, and the target is dazed until the start of your next turn



In one sense, the job of a scout - to sneak ahead of a main body of travelers and search for danger - is easy.  There's always danger on Gamma Terra.  The trick is spotting it, and surviving.

   You choose your clothes for camoflage and much of the rest of your apearance also speaks to your chosen profession.  You're more than a little jumpy, too. 

Mutant Type: 
WIS or DEX; none; no overcharge bonus.
Skill Bonus (Level 1): Gain a +4 to Perception or Stealth checks.
Defense Bonus (Level 1):  +2 to REF defense
Be Alert (Level 1):   When you roll initiative, roll 2d20 and take the higher result.  If you roll doubles, add 2 to the result.   You do not grant combat advantage when surprised, blinded or otherwise unable to see your attacker.
Be Prepared (Level 4 or 8, instead of an additional Alpha mutation):    You never take a penalty to a skill check for 'lacking propper tools.' Once per encounter, when you find yourself in need of a particular piece of normal gear (including weapon, armor, shield or ammo), you can declare that you 'just happen to have' the item 'because you thought it might come in handy.'  
Sneaky Critical (Level 2 or 6):  When you score a critical hit, you inflict +1d10 extra damage with that attack.  If you were hidden when you attacked, you remain hidden, and can shift up to your speed while remaining hidden.  If you were not hidden, you may shift up to your speed, and may make a Stealth Check to become hidden if you have cover (other than cover provided by creatures) or concealment at the end of the shift. 

Surprise Attack (Scout Novice)
Betchya didn't see this coming.
Standard Action                            Melee or Range: Weapon
Target:  One enemy.
Attack: WIS or DEX + level + Acc. vs REF.
Hit:  1[W]+WIS or DEX + level damage, and slide the target 1 square.  If you have combat advantage for the attack, you inflict +2d6 extra damage, this extra damage is not maximized on a critical hit.
Effect:  After you attack, you can shift 1 square.

Escape Route  (Scout Utility - level 3 or 7)
Always have one ready.  Always.
Encounter •
Standard Action                            Personal
Effect:   You end any immobilized, retrained or slowed conditions on you and escape if you are grabbed or bound.  You shift your speed, ignoring difficult and hazardous terrain, and blocking terrain that doesn't completely fill the square it's in.   If you move (but do not run) on the same turn, your move action gains the same benefits (becomes a shift, ignores terrain in the same way).

Alpha Strike (Scout Expert - level 5 or 9)
The best time to finish a fight is before it's begun.
• Weapon
Standard Action                            Melee or Ranged Weapon
Target:  One undamaged enemy who either cannot see you, or who has not acted yet durring the encounter.
 WIS or DEX + level + Acc vs FORT.
Hit:  3[W]+ WIS or DEX + 2xlevel, damage and ongoing 10 physical (save ends).  If the target was granting you combat advantage, you inflict +2d8 extra damage, this damage is not maximized on a critical hit.   If the target would be bloodied by this attack, it drops.   Elites, Solos, and PCs cannot be dropped in this way.
Miss:  Half damage, no ongoing damage.
Effect:  You have combat advantage against the target until the end of your next turn.



In some worldlines, technologically sophisticated aliens or even humans, have learned to tap the vast reservoir of 'Dark Energy' that permeates the universe, in others, mutations allow some creatures to naturally tap this bizarrely flexible power source.  In a vanishingly few, exotic, worldlines, though, Men (or their eldritch precursors) learned to shape Dark energy to their wills long before mastering technology.  You are heir to one of these mystic worlds, where Dark energy not only responds to the will of a caster like yourself, but takes on disembodied wills of it's own - 'spirits,' with whom you can deal for even greater power.
   Sorcererous study doesn't change you physical appearance, but most sorcerers dress the part, with dramatic, flowing clothes of unusual colors marked with mystic sygils.  In addition, you carry a talisman, fetish, crystal, staff, wand, athame, or some other mystic implement that you use as a focus for tapping Dark energies.

Mutant Type: 
INT or CHA; none; no overcharge bonus.
Skill Bonus (Level 1): Gain a +4 to Conspiricy or Interaction checks.
Defense Bonus (Level 1):  + 2 to WILL
(Level 1):  .
(Level 4 or 8, instead of an additional Alpha mutation):  .   
Critical (Level 2 or 6): .

Evocation (Sorcerer Novice)
You gather ambient dark energy and channel it into a manifestation in keeping with the local resonances.  Yeah, it's a lot like Hands of Power.
• Dark, [Random Damage Type Keyword]
Standard Action                            Close Blast: 3
Target:  each creature in blast.
Attack:   INT or CHA vs REF.
Hit:  1d12+(INT or CHA)+ level damage
Determine damage types and additional effects randomly (d6): 

1. Acid damage and the target takes ongoing 2 Acid damage (save ends).
2. Cold damage and the target is slowed until the end of your next urn.
3. Electricty damage and the target suffers a -2 attack roll penalty until the end of your next turn.
4. Fire damage and the target takes ongoing 2 Fire damage (save ends).
5. Sonic damage and the target is deafened until the end of your next turn.
6. Force damage and you push the target 2 squares.

Invocation  (Sorcerer Utility - level 3 or 7)
You can call spirits from the vasty deep.  And they come when you do call for them.
Encounter • Dark
Minor Action                            Personal
Effect:  You call upon a spiritual being for aid.  Make an INT or CHA check with a DC of 15+your level.  If you succeed, you gain a +4 bonus to one attack, check or saving throw made by you or an ally before the end of the encounter.  You choose to add this bonus after a roll is made and failed.  If you fail the INT/CHA check, you instead gain a +2 bonus to the next d20 roll you make before the end of your next turn.

Conjuration (Sorcerer Expert - level 5 or 9)
You pierce the warped matrix of dark energy that separates worldlines, conjuring forth a being from a mystic realm, part living creature, part Dark spirit.  Someday you may even figure out how to control these things.
• Dark
Standard Action                            Range: 20
EffectA standard monster of your level or lower from any D&D resource apears in a square within range.  The creature must have one or more of the following keywords: shadow, immortal, abberation, fey, or elemental (you may choose the monster, or the DM may override your choice).  The monster rolls initiative at the top of the next round.  It considers all other creatures in play enemies, and attacks the nearest first, opening with an area attack, if possible, then trying to finish foes one at a time.  You can dismiss the monster with a standard action, causing it to return from whence it came. 



Oops, looks like this request tried to create an infinite loop. We do not allow such things here. We are a professional website!

I'm working on an idea similar to yours, but not the same. Rather than making up new Origins for all these things, I am really just interested in expanding player options when it comes to Utility powers. I want to see characters with more interesting out-of-combat abilities.

So I am using Occupations which substitute player choice for the random 1d10 skill selection and then give the player a choice of Utility powers tied to that occupation. The player still has his attacks and traits from his origin -- rolled or chosen -- but a Mechanic occupation gives access to Mechanic utility powers at 3rd and 7th level, and so on. These powers are instead of, not in addition to, the utility powers the player gets from Origin. It's just more choices.

Occupations are on my blog.

Oh, and you'll see my rules for Pure Strains there, too. Which again have the same ultimate goal as your PSH race origin, but are intended to be simpler. 
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