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Origins are a bit like races, as has been pointed out in another thread.  Here's a rule variation in which you can take an origin as a 'race.'  It takes the symantic view of a race or species as being genetically stable.  Please feel free to add to the list, or discuss other ways of emplementing 'character races' in Gamma World, or using origins as 'races.'

[spoiler="Choosing a 'race' as an Origin rule variation"]
Some origins can be chosen as a 'race.'  There are stable breeding populations of these races, and, if you choose to be one of them, your primary origin conforms to the race's primary origin.  If the race also has a secondary origin, yours also conforms to it.  You may then roll a secondary origin, in which case you are a 'mutant' member of your race.  Or, you may choose a 'class' origin (see 'Origins as Classes' thread).

Clicky - You are a member of a stable line of mutated insects.  You have Cockroach as your primary origin.

Gren - You are a member of the Gren race.  Your society disdains guns and Omega tech.  You have the primary origin of Engineered Human and the secondary origin of Plant.  You gain a +8 bonus to stealth in natural settings where there are trees or other plants to hide among.

Homo Mentis - You are an evolutionarily accelerated hyper-intelligent trans-human with psionic powers.  Your big head is almost certainly bald.  You have Engineered Human as your primary origin and a randomly-determined Psi origin as your secondary.  Even though you are an Engineered Human, you receive your overcharge bonus to Psi alpha mutations, only, but that bonus is +3.

Homo Novus - Better, stronger, faster.  A product of the Xi worldlines, you are the ultimate man, and the ultimate machine.  You are a self-sustaining cybernetic organism, your children will also be cyborgs, so closely integrated are you biological and technological systems.  You have Engineered Human as your primary origin and Android as your secondary.  This should give you a 20 INT, instead, you have an 18 INT, and roll 2d6+6 instead of 3d6 for your STR and CON.  Your Omega Charge Check bonus aplies only to Xi technology.

House of Kings - You are a Pure Strain Human of an ancient lineage of heroes and leaders, like King Martin II, or the hero of that documentary "I am Legend."  You have Pure Strain Human as your only origin.

House of May - You are one of the 'Kin of May,' a member of a lineage that considers itself to be pure-strain human (but, really, isn't).  The Kin tend be willowy, with oddly colored hair and large, strange-colored eyes.  You have Speedster as your primary origin.  May are really into bladed melee weapons, like katana, and have a +1 bonus to hit with them, they are notoriously bad shots and are -2 to hit with ranged weapon attacks.

House Merrik - You are a Pure Strain Human, among the last remnants of an ancient confederacy and your people still prize above all things that vanished society's three sacred virtues:  Life, Liberty, and Persuit.  In keeping with that last, highest virtue, you covet ancient vehicles - the faster the better. 

Kit-zen - You are a member of a stable line of mutated house cats.  You have Felinoid as your primary origin.  Your society, though individualistic, places a great emphasis on honor and duty, and has an almost ostentatious love of beauty and art.  Yexils keep trying to eat your kimono. 

Meriguls - You are a member of a stable line of mutated bald eagles.  Somewhere along the line, your status as symbol of ancient 'Meriga became part of your culture.  You have hawkoid as your primary origin.  Your culture is enthusiastic about two things:  Freedom and Firearms. 

Moq - You are a member of a stable line of furry humanoids.  You have Yeti as your primary origin.

Prince(ss) of Power - You are a member of a line of Humans altered to have a deep connection to Dark energy.  You have Engineered Human as you primary origin.  Your secondary origin can by any Dark origin, or Pyrokinetic, or Telekinetic.  You gain your EH overcharge bonus to Dark overcharge only, and your Omega Charge Check bonus aplies only to Area 52 tech.  When you draw your Alpha Mutations at the start of the day or at the end of an encounter, you can opt to replace one of the Mutations you draw with Hands of Power.

Ubermenchen - You are a genetically 'perfect' human created through several generations of selective breeding following your people's victory in WWII.  You have Engineered Human as your primary origin and Giant (soldier caste) or Hypercognitive (leader caste) as your secondary.  The Knights of Genetic Purity love you guys.



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