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I put together origin traits and criticals in a card-based format, for anyone interested. Comments or typos or whatnot appreciated!

~ GregDan

i believe you get a +2 from both origins to overcharge.
Those are cool. Thanks.

And I think you only get the +2 overcharge for your primary origin like you have it.
Yea, that point is a little tricky, but under 'using character origins' it says that you get the +2 bonus to overcharge rolls based on your primary origin. And later, under 'using alpha mutations in play,' there's another reference to your primary origin giving you the bonus to (matching) alpha powers.

Which makes engineered human interesting. It's only available as a secondary origin (right?). So your secondary origin (engineered human) shouldn't be giving you any bonuses to overcharge rolls. This seems to contradict the traits section for engineered human, which says that you get +2 to all overcharges (even though you lack a power source: bio, dark, psi). Any ruling or errata on this yet?

I would think that without a power source, and with engineered human only available as a secondary origin, it makes more sense for no bonus to overcharge rolls from your engineered human origin.
There are alternate rules for choosing your origins, so it is possible to have Engineered Human as your primary.
There is zero confusion here. If EH is your secondary origin then you do not gain the overcharge bonus (this can be overruled with a house rule, of course). Not having a type associated with your overcharge bonus does not imply that it overrides whether the bonus is from a primary or secondary origin.

The EH has overcharge bonuses simply because under one of the optional methods for obtaining your origins, you are allowed to pick your origin. If someone picks EH as their primary then they receive +2 to all overcharges (Bio, Dark, Psi).

The general rule: You add together all your traits.
The specific rule: You use the overcharge bonus from your primary origin.

Hence, using roll your origins as the default rule, you will never get the EH origin's overcharge bonuses.
Doppleganger / Two Possibilities: Whenever you draw an Alpha Mutation card, draw two cards from the same deck and choose which one to keep.  Put the other on the bottom of your deck.

Seismic / Armored Skin: Gain Resist 5 physical. physical.

Those are the only 2 errors I see.  Other than that, these are great!!  Would love to print them out!

There is another error. Enhanced Human can be a primary origin if it is chosen (per the side bar or house rules). So, the primary origin card for EH should be the full listing of what the EH offers. The secondary should not have +2 to all overcharges (it is a secondary origin afterall and without house rules, no secondary origin grants overcharge bonuses).
Fixed! Thanks for the help, especially re: engineered human. I wasn't thinking about choosing your own origin, obviously...

~ GregDan
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