Living Doll Campaign (a la Toy Story or 9)

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I will be DMing a campaign soon that focuses on tiny-sized heroes in an apocaloptic wasteland (much like the atmosphere in the movie 9). While I think the Medium-sized standard bodes well for the PCs as, in actuality, being Tiny sized, the scale of other monsters makes the average housecat a Large-sized obstacle... and that's not including the tentacles and laser beams to deal with!

I do have some questions for the boards, however. While I think that the armor and weapon mechanic transfer well, I'm looking through the Ancient Junk table and wondering if I should change/modify some of these items. Still, it might be fun watching a group of Bitsies hauling around a 20-lb. dumbell or mini fridge through the ruins of a supermarket.

Also... pick-up truck? Anybody have a creative tiny-sized equivalent?

I plan to enforce a barter/survival days system. What could my players barter for? I'm sure that some of them would want some control of their character, and I was thinking that I might be able to give them rewards via barter; I'm just not sure what.

I was just thinking about 9 while i was thinking about a new reason for the apocalypse in GW; the Big Mistake thing doesn't really work for me. 

I think your instinct to do a new Ancient Junk table is a good one. Go through your house and look for anything small that would be handheld for your dolls. Toenail clippers, cellphones, whatever. Most of the Ancient Junk on the table now is so big your heroes could live in it!

Remote controlled cars are the usual mode of transport for doll-sized heroes. But if you don't want something that needs gas, a wind-powered vehicle is much more practical when it is that small, since it is far lighter and can actually get some speed. Perhaps a homemade vehicle with a mast and sail? 

d20 Apocalypse has a great list of equipment and their "Trade Value" for a barter system. Also, excellent rules for salvage there, which interact with the trade value rules and rules for modifying vehicles. Pick it up on ebay or something. Very good for this game. 
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Well instead of a horse let them start with a dog. Then when they find a wagon, it's a little red one they can tie to the dog.

A truck becomes either a toy car with the remote taped to it or a wind up vehicle.

Wind vehicles are certainly an option, toy gliders or boats, although even tiny characters need cargo so remember to take carrying capacity into account.

Also a general rule is that small critters can lift/carry more per unit of mass. So a two-handed weapon for a doll from 9 would be a lot bigger in proportion to themselves than a two-handed weapon for a human sized mutant.
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