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By RAW you give it every 2 encounters of 3 and to everyone in the party if I'm not mistaken. Seems to frequent for me. Do you think it would disbalance the game if I make it much less frequent? Say 1-2 draws every encounter or even less.
The only way to find out if it unbalances the game is to try it.

For my house rules, I don't believe in giving everyone something just because and will treat Omega Tech like magic items in D&D 4e. Therefore, I'm going to allow for 1 or 2 draws from the GM deck for Omega Tech that is found during an adventure and players will have to roll for possession of those 1 or 2 cards.

Both the adventures I've seen either award no Omega Tech at all, or have each player draw 1.  It supports the use of player decks very well, keeping them relevant and vaguely 'fair.'  If you're going for more of an RPG than a CCG feel, though, it may seem a bit intrusive or contrived.

The GM also has the option of simply placing specific Omega Tech and handing over the apropriate card if it's found.  That's the option I'd go with, personally, if I were running a campaign outside of organized play.  One variant I've discussed before to go along with this is to let players retain Artifacts that they don't salvage when they fail an Omega Charge Check, and use them to build a player deck.  Once they've accumulated a minimum-size player deck, they can start drawing from it - representing finding a power cell, replacement part, or other artifact to canibalize to get it working again, rather than just happening to find yet another Black Ray Gun because they have two in the custom player deck they built.  That way, you still get to use the deck mechanic, but you retain a fig leaf of verisimilitude/consistency for your campaign.  ;)



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Really depends on how your handling character creation would be my guess. Remember that unlike D&D there are no feats and much fewer powers. Omega tech and alpha mutations are there to help compensate for the lack of these features. 

If you severly limit there omega tech, they become less powerful and you're likely decreasing the players chances of surviving future encounters.

I would suggest running a few sessions before making such a drastic change. If players are hoarding their omega tech, it could be because they are used to the D&D distrubtion model. Encourage them to use their tech, by letting them know not to worry as they will get more.

I admit, I too was initially worried about the amount of tech I was handing out. It hasn't been an issue yet, but I am keeping an eye on it. 
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