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Unfortunately, our local Worldwide Gamma World Game Day did not have as many participants as I had hoped. Therefore, I have some left-over Game Day material. I am auctioning a copy of the adventure, Trouble in Freesboro, on eBay (hoping to raise enough money to complete my booster card set), but I am not completely a greedy selfish jerk. I've decided to start a fun little contest here on the forums for the two Game Day promotional cards: Dehydrated Man and Power Mimic.

The contest is very simple. You must post your most entertaining story (or even stories) of in-game character death in a post-apocalyptic setting. Preference will be given to deaths in the Gamma World setting, but in order to open the contest to all interested gamers (since Gamma World hasn't been officially released for even a full week yet), stories may be from any post-apocalyptic game setting (such as Hell on Earth, Metamorphosis Alpha, Twilight 2000, or heck, even a fantasy post-apoc game like Dark Sun). Please mention the game system as well as a short description of the setting at the start of the post. Contest entries must be posted by 6:00 AM Central Standard Time on November 1st. There will be up to FIVE winners, as chosen by me and any other judges I feel like including. Each winner will be sent both promo cards as a prize. However, a contest winner will be required to pay any shipping costs and I will not be held responsible for cards lost by the delivery service. (For U.S. residents, a self-addressed stamped envelope will probably suffice for shipment.) I will notify winners via PM as well as post the list of winners on this thread.

Sound like fun?
No interest?
The most entertaining death (albeit a temporary one, since the party had some healing tech) I recall was from a GW 2e game. One of my friends was a giant (and I mean GIANT) cat, with 2 claw attacks plus a bite. He would chant "Claw, claw, bite!" pretty much anytime I asked him what his character wanted to do. So the party was exploring the ruins of our high school, and entered the auditorium. I described some rats scurrying in the orchestra pit. These were ordinary-sized rats, so of course my friend the cat wanted to "Claw, claw, bite!" Unfortunately for himn, these were electrically-charged mutant pit rats, and after receiving multiple rather powerful shocks he was down and out. The rest of the party wisely allowed the rats to run away (which they had been doing), then managed to bring the cat back to a minimal HP level. My friend learned a lesson in caution that session.

And yeah, I know this makes me out to be some kind of sadistic killer GM, but he needed to be reined in. Laughing
A cat being defeated by rats... that sounds like a Gamma World way to go Smile

A memorable death of a player in my group was one that was almost of necessity and upon reflection, I as GM probably should have handled differently. 

This player was a real jerk and a stickler for details and "reality."  His character had the Physical Relfection mutation which was pretty open-ended.  As engineering students, we tried to keep the games "real," but this guy took it to the extreme, bending this particular mutation's abilities to the ludicrous.  It got out of hand and the other players and myself, a bit perterbed.

So, I designed a scenario where one of the enemy, who could teleport and had a vibrosword, would be a position to ambush this character.  The enemey teleported behind him and got a critical mid-body shot from behind.  The enemy character was also strong, so, there was a lot of force.  Since the vibrosword was energy, it's damage would not be reflected.  Plus, the force of the blow would be relfected, but since the character wasn't ready, he would not be planted such that the blow would bounce back.  Instead, he would move. 

So, the critical hit from the vibrosword killed him and the force of the blow sent him away, never to be stopped due to the physical reflection mutation.  We all laughed as we imagined his corpse bouncing along the ground forever.

Yes, I know there's holes in this.  But, it had the desired affect of making the guy quit.

I played in a homebrew apocalyptic campaign in college in which the PCs were forced to throw their lots together to escape from the bad guys even though we were all strangers.  The first handful of sessions saw our characters learning about one another and establishing our different roles in the group.  One of my friends was playing a huge, simple, brutish wolfman type of guy (called Rock) and his character really took to pushing around and relentlessly bullying my frail, weaselly character.


The group eventually found shelter at a sort of safehouse/ranch owned by another PC (a paranoid survivalist) who gave us shelter and gave us leave to feed on his livestock while we were there.  During the down time I went to the slaughterhouse and smeared some of the livestock's blood all over my chest and stomach.  My thought was to stumble back to the house, gasp "Rock!" in front of our leader, collapse in pain, and get a good chuckle as our leader would tear into Rock for seriously hurting one of the group. 




I did my performance in front of both our leader and the survivalist.  The next sentence uttered by the GM described the wolfman turning the corner towards us after having enjoyed a messy meal of some of the livestock.  The survivalist took one look at the gore-covered, yet innocent wolfman, linked it to my performance, and let loose on wolfie with both barrels of his shotgun.  It wasn't what I intended but it could not have gone better!  The shot didn't kill the wolfman but because we had a lack of readily available healing, wolfie stayed in a perpetual state of weakness.  He was so severely weakened that the next two times he tried to get revenge and bully me, I was able to subdue him with little effort.


Unfortunately for the wolfman his injuries lasted into a serious combat against a living power station and he perished.  But the hilarious resolution to our combative relationship is still one we reminisce about today.
This was from a homebrew RIFTS campaign setting I ran a while ago where an NPC died (does this count?). I'll recant the detals in any case.

The party consisted of a Crazy, a Dog Boy, a Mind Melter, and a Coalition Deserter. They were working their way through the forest when they spotted a squirrel who promptly flipped them off and scurried away.

The crazy was a little left of his noggin and decided he was going to chase the squirrel down and give him a once-for.

After about 5-10 minutes of rolling d20's, the crazy lost the squirrel in a tree. I gave him a 1% chance to knock it down after he declared he was going to do so. Well, the guy rolled 0 and 1 on 2d10...and knocked over the hollowed out tree where the squirrel was finishing putting on his Tux...

Crazy (after picking up the squirrel with a natural 20): "Why did you flip us off?"
Squirrel: "You were in my yard, dumb4$$!"
Crazy (annoyed and confused about a squirrel in a tuxedo talking to him): "Why are you dressed in a tuxedo?"
Squirrel: "Haven't you ever wanted to dress up nice?" (looking over the crazy and sneering) "Nah, I can see with all the dog sh!t covering you that you aren't that sophisticated. Put me down and fix my house, dumb4$$!"

The crazy, enraged, promptly rolled another natural 20 on a strength check and squeezed so hard that the squirrel's head popped off, revealing that it was a little robot squirrel.

That wasn't the end of it though. The crazy did fix the squirrel's house! But before he did, he placed the squirrel in it's small wing-back chair and placed it's head in it's lap. Then he righted the tree.

After the party had left and were a bit away, they heard small squeaking cries from the direction of the squirrel-bot's house. They don't know how many critters want revenge on them...

My group of friends and I laugh about this scene to this day.
I just thought I'd ding this thread in the hopes of more people seeing it this weekend...

Well, I have a GREAT story I can tell from the Point of View of a Non-Player Character from our last Gamma World game. Does that count?
Well, I have a GREAT story I can tell from the Point of View of a Non-Player Character from our last Gamma World game. Does that count?

The rules don't limit the specific type of character Smile


This is part one. Posted the intro for a bit of enticement ;) Spoilers will hide the in-game details for those who are interested.


My name is Joel. I live. . . well, lived. . . at the Knights of Genetic Purity compound known as  Earlan, in the Huzton Islands. As you probably well know, the Knights hate muties of all kinds. They are filthy, savage, violent creatures that nature never intended. Some people think they are harmless, but let me tell you, after you’ve had your leg bitten off by one, you’ll never think that again. I’ll get to that in a bit. Suffice to say, never underestimate these unnatural horrors. We did, and I was one of many who paid the final price.

Earlan’s a decent enough place. A small island, with an old army bunker on one end, and debris cliffs lining three of the sides. Easilly defensible and all that. So we set up a few makeshift buildings to use as offices and guard towers, and used the bunker to live in. Built ourselves a small dock and some warehouses to store goods we’ve liberated from muties, that sorta thing.

Shouldn’t have gone to hell like it did. We could’ve easily beaten an attack from the outside. Just not from within.

It started as normal morning like any other. I’d been up late, um, ‘testing’ the newest batch of moonshine brewed by my buddy Erik. He’s got a great knack for making the good stuff. Good enough that we drank a lot more than we were supposed to that night, so when I woke up, I was defn’ feelin it. Anyway, I got up, and staggered down to the mess hall all bleary-eyed, and had only been there a few minutes when Bill comes in. He’s all excited about something, that’s clear even through my hangover. He starts spouting off about how some muties washed up on the shore, and a right freakshow they were, and how the Boss wanted to have some fun with em and set em up as an example for other muties who trespassed on our island. He said they’d been locked up only 10 minutes ago in one of them bunker rooms we’d had to replace the door on so’s it could be barred from the outside.

Well, bein the curious sort, I decide to put my breakfast on hold and to go take a look at these muties. I left the mess hall, and still yawning I walked down the main corridor a ways and turned the corner. I walked a few more steps, and then suddenly realized the other end of the corridor was full of somethin weird. It took a few seconds for my brain to register what I was looking at – it was those muties! Not 15 minutes in the lockup and they were already loose, like they’d just casually walked out!

Two of em were in the lead. The first was something out of a sailor’s nightmare. Big huge muscly arms and legs, a big ol’ shark jaw filled with massive rows of teeth, and a mess o’ tentacles instead of arms. I nearly pissed m’self right there seein him. The second was some sorta blue-skinned guy with red eyes and white hair. It might’ve been the drink, but I swear when he moved at me, he left a sort of blur behind, like little bits of himself were trailing behind.

We were playing the 4E Gamma World boxed set with the Gamma World Community Origins in our game. The first PC had two custom origins - Sharkoid/Squidling, and the 2nd PC was core only - Telekinetic/Doppleganger. (There are two other PCs, Joel hadnt seen them at this point) We hadn't actually designed characters ahead of time, though I'd built the compound beforehand. Which made it pretty hilarious for the Doppleganger. The cell they were trapped in had windows and was a simple iron-bound wooden door with a heavy metal bar on the outside. So he just copied himself on the other side of the door, and opened it. They literally did just walk out of thier cell.

I ain’t proud. I’ll admit it, I ran like a scared little girl back to the mess hall where my buddies were. Maybe if I had my gun I’dve taken a shot or two first, but I was barely even dressed as it was. The weird thing was, despite that blue guy being like 100 feet away from me when I started runnin, he still caught me. I was lookin back over my shoulder as he’s chasin me. One second he’s  down the hall at the corner as I’m about to run into th’ Mess, and then suddenly he’s right in my face, waving his arms. I barely even saw what hit me – some sorta wave in the air that punched me right in the chest and sent me hurtling through the doors. Didn’ hurt too bad, but it knocked me right over and into the table where Bill was sittin.

Needless to say, this caused a commotion in the mess. People jumped up and started pullin out weapons – a gun here, a pipe mace there. One guy was faster than the rest – he didn’t even have a weapon, just picked up a chair and threw it at the Blue Thing. It missed, but at least he had his stuff together. As Bill helped me up, the Blue Thing, I dunno, it sort of re-wound itself. It vanished, only to appear in the hall again, and repeat its previous action of runnin’ forward and usin that wave thing. Somehow the guy who threw the chair (I think his name’s Earl) was missed, but I got slammed by a table that was lifted up. THAT hurt.

Earl managed to get in a lucky swing with another chair, and the Blue Thing just sorta popped. Not sure how else to describe it. There was this swirling stuff, and then he was gone with a pained look on his face. I told the others there were more of em, and they took off runnin down the hall while I pulled myself out from under the table. As I hobbled down the corridor, I heard the sounds of gunfire from around the corner, and a sort a disgustingly wet smacking noise. One of the last guys to turn the corner, Terence, pulled out some piece of scavenged tech he’d found, something like a shotgun. Unfortunately for him, it chose that moment to malfunction, and it blew up in his face, badly injuring him. I ran to him to try and save him, but who should be waiting at the corner when I get to him, but the Blue Thing again.

As I approach the corner, he bursts out of one of the side rooms, and lets loose with that wave thing of his again. It slammed me up against the wall, almost breaking my shoulder. Poor Terence didn’t even have a chance – he was almost gone as it was, and the wave just sprayed what was left of him all over the corridor. I would have vomited there if I’d actually gotten any breakfast. I could also see the shark-thing standing in the corridor, and Earl was desperately trying to fend off some sort of Golden Cockroach beast with his chair. The other two were dead, one from a slit throat, though the muties didn’t appear to have any weapons.

What can I say? I ran once today already, and things were looking pretty grim here. I tried to run for the exit, to try and get help, but the shark thing caught up to me. Looming over me, it lunged, and bit into my leg as I lunged up the stairs. I looked down in horror at the stump of my leg, which is when I blacked out.

I guess you can see how that day really wasn’t the best of my life. I ran twice like a coward, got bowled over onto the ground twice, saw my buddy blow himself up, and to top it off, had my leg bitten off by a giant shark monster.

At least now, there’s no possibility of having me having a day even worse than that.

The third of the 4 PCs was an Angelic Cockroach. The last was a Darkling Mind-Deciever, whom poor Joel never saw at all, though he saw the body of the guy who'd had his throat cut via a Sneak Attack critical hit.

Joel was knocked over not once, but twice by Telekinetic Wave. The first time, he was knocked prone simply because it was cinematic - he's right at the doors, and was being blasted into them, so the DM ruled that it pushed him through the doors and knocked him prone, to the shock of those in the mess hall. The second time was a critical hit, and everyone thought it was amusing to make him fall over again. When everyone ran down the hall, he was last (since he had to stand up first). Terence rolled almost max damage for damaging himself with Tech, which took him from almost full to something like 3 hit points.

An amusing thing about this fight is that Joel actually took twice as many hits as any other NPC. Most of the others dropped after 1 or 2. Joel took FOUR, two of which were critical hits. (The shark bite at the end was a crit). It was greatly amusing because he was never intended to have any sort of real role for the fight - just a way to lure the PCs into an encounter. He didnt have a weapon, or any kind of attack stats at all other than defenses and HP. And yet he lasted longer than anyone else, despite taking multiple hits during the encounter. And to top it off, the impression of the order of events he would have had was particularly amusing.

After much deliberation, the results are in! Here are the contest winners:

Congratulations! You took the time to post so you're all winners. I'll be PMing each of you in just a few minutes...

Nice! I've accepted the friend request, PM away!
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