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What does that "3" mean? I think it's on every power.


Our GM nicely provided copies of your sheets for our Game Day session yesterday, but when the question above came up, nobody knew.
It appears they're using it as a bullet; Standard 4e has a diamond-shaped bullet there, and GW uses some kind of trifoil. I put a standard circular bullet there when I houserule stuff, for example.
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The actual Icon that should have been used is the little RADIATION symbol seen in the book.

You can find it in the MS Mincho font (included in windows) as Unicode character 2707. To insert it, type 2707 then ALT+X in Word, or in Inkscape, type CTRL-U then 2707, then hit ENTER. Do not use the numeric keypad for any of that in Inkscape, they've decided to use the numeric keypad in **** ways.
Unfortunately the 2707, Alt-X doesn't work for me.  I'll have to figure something else out...
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If you're using Word or Open Office, go to the Insert Symbol function and choose the MS Mincho font as your symbol font. Track down to 2707 and you'll have it.
So here's the deal. I created these sheets using InDesign, and I took advantage of a couple unique fonts on my computer. When I converted the layout to .pdf, I used the "Export" feature, which (unbeknownst to me) somehow embedded the font in the .pdf. Meaning if you don't have the font on your computer, you won't see it in the .pdf.

I've corrected the problem by printing the layout to .pdf rather than exporting it.  The original link should take you to the new file.  Here's another copy of the link:


For anyone interested, I used the following fonts on my half-sheets:

PanicButton (available for free at blambot.com)
United States (available for free at dafont.com)
Helvetica (pay font)
nope still not working right
Yep, still getting the "3" character instead of the "rad bullet" that Gamma World uses.

Might I suggest that you use an image of the bullet? You can get it from the cards that came with the game day packet (it's available online somewhere).

Or, just don't use InDesign and embed the fonts. It might be best to print them out as images instead of as text, then fonts won't matter.
nope still not working right

Then I guess your best bet is just to download the United States font from the link above. That's the font with the radioactive symbol (the font only has letters, so everything else comes up as that. Hence the "3").

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