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So what kind of freakish characters are you playing/running for? In my own game, we have a speeding hawk whose American patriotism is only overshadowed by his blinding incompetence, a telekinetic potted plant named steve who's goals of world domination currently rest in the hands of the aforementioned hawkman (literally!) and a cockroach controlled android whose reckless driving has saved the day on more than one occasion (and ruined it on several others).

The best part about the potted plant is his inventory: 1 Truck, 1 Wagon (the radio flyer kind), 1 Keelboat, Binoculars, A Vacuum Cleaner and last but certainly not least a Weed Whacker (a way out?).

What kind of crazy party do you guys have?
I'm looking for literally any reason to post this song around. Thank god for signatures:
Our Game Day party consisted of:

+ A crack-addicted Speedster/Mind Breaker named Tweek who quoted a... erm... particular Bob Saget line before battle. (Think "How High?") He spent his Perception checks looking for white powders.
+ A female Doppelganger named Dick Chainy. ((Probably the most effective character in the party.)
+ An Electrokinetic Engineered Human with pretty awful physical stats named Radioactive Stephen Hawking. Yes, including a wheelchair (with robot claw and laser) and a robot voice.
+ A Swarm of Rats named Steve. He originally had a Mind Coercer, also named Steve, who posessed the swarm of rats when he died in the first encounter.

Other than a near TPK in the first encounter, they worked together about as well as a crack addict, a doppelganger, a quadriplegic, and a swarm of rats could be expected to do.
Encounters DM, Season 4 & Season 5 - Amorous Armadillo Game Shoppe - Oviedo, FL
Game Day:

Rizzy:  Mind-Breaker/Rat Swarm
Queenie:  Mind-Coercer/Engineered Human
Tibby:  Empath/Giant
Scoot:  Speedster/Telekinetic
Green Giant:  Yeti/Plant
Lucy:  Gravity-Controller/Hawkoid

Random starting equipment was even stranger.  Among them, they had three canoes, two keelboats, 3 riding horses, and a foosball table.   The backstory they came up with was that their party was trying to re-construct an Ancient society based on records of Yatch clubs and Dresage.  (what!?!?)

They actually did pretty well.  Queenie had a +13 Interaction check and got all the available information at the start of the story, and more information out of the one porker prisoner they captured in the first battle. They went straight to the third floor, (pausing only briefly to watch the klickies on the security camera - the website worked, but damn, was that a long URL to tap into an iphone).  Unexpectedly, Tangh actually got into the Beta Chamber the first round, an disapeared.  Another porker also ran in with 1 hp remaining and got healed.  ;)  The Rat Swarm tried to overcharge an 'explosive pod' mutation, and ended up bloodying two of his buddies, one of whom was later dropped by Tangh. 

The party prevailed - I called it when the shop closed, with only a bloodied Tangh still up and only one of the PCs down.



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Game Day:

Mr Chernobyl - Radioactive/Telekinetic.
"Jason" - Speedster/Hypercognitive
Teddy - Yeti/Rat Swarm. He was several teddy bear sized yetis that assembled Voltron style.
Blplbpblp - Hawkoid/Mind Coercer. He was a flying jellyfish/amoeba.

I ran it using "No duplicate origins" which was easy... I printed off the origin cards and just had people draw.
AlexandraErin: If last season was any indication, I think Encounters is pretty much the elemental opposite of "organized" play!
GM'd yesterday (though it was not for game day) with a group of friends with the following party.

Zane-El: Speedster/Electrokinetic.
Truckstop (Nickname?): Empath/Giant
Archibald: Plant/Seismic
Zoltar: Pyrokinetic/Mind-Breaker
(Can't remember.): Hawkoid/Telekinetic

Only got to encounter 2 in the GW book; The Pyro got killed by the Yexil following up with his devastating combo.
Yesterday's game day yielded the following memorable characters:

Speed - WED - 3 an escaped Android/Speedster from the Paranoia complex.  He kept declaring bad guys "Commies".

Running Man - a Yeti/Speedster

and my guy, a humanoid sentient Fire Beetle (Cockroach/Pyrokinetic) named Beetle Fett....
Abraham Lincoln - Great President of the United States of America
(Dopelganger/Telekinetic) - Had his Penny Rifle and "THE EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION" (imagine a big log). Was a time addled security guard from who spent a decade watching the History Channel...and SyFY Channel. He's a bit messed up. Summons random Vice Presidents (Han Solo, etc.)

Fog Angst
(Engineered Human/Mind Cocerer) - Genetically created to be the ulitmate animu savior of humanity of all time. A fight among the scienst/fanboys making him caused a bad mix of MOE and hair cream and his/her current gender is rather unknown. Which turned out to make him/her even more perfect. The scientists killed each other in the cut off lab and He/her escaped into the Gamma Terra.

Wurlitzer Lowels
(Android/Giant) - A animted jukebox that gained concensiounes and built itself up with various bit of other sound systems, multimedia, robot parts, etc. Named after it's manufacuture and point of sale. Has a wagon, needs no horses. He IS a means of transport.

(Rat Swarm/Empath) - A mass of rats who lived in a dinner for centuries living off the HOLY food stuff, and radiation. Eventually evolved into a hivemind like being and armed 'them' selves. Claimed a half working pick-up truck, and took the road in search of the long lost divine "twinkies".
we have played a lot since the game came out. about 8 sessions in two weeks.

this past saturday after gameday i ran the players with their brand new cards through char creation and we said we would play until someone fell asleep. we decided to end early when we finished all 8 encounters from the back of the rulebook at 4am

plant/gravity controller: with an int of 3 he just pulled "magic boxes" such as laptops to himself, but he survived the whole night
electrokinetic/pyrokinetic: another full night survivor, this guy does a tonne of damage, rediculous

giant/yeti: she liked to look pretty... and kill things
doppleganger/cockroach: he disarmed all the traps, controlled all the computers, and drew a lot of fire away from the party. so effective
engineered human/ cannot remember other side; he granted a lot of attacks

my fav
cockroach/rat swarm: this char started the game with a keelboat, canoe and binoculars. his name is captain scuttle and his sole purpose in life is to ensure that noone in the world has more boats than him (not through aquiring more boats but by destroying the boats of others, anyone else is allowed but 1 seacraft)

and the players stated "why woudl i ever play dnd again"

after some deaths we had a gargoyle and owlbear enter for kickassery  (that would be hawkoid/seismic and hawkoid/yeti)

Those are some awesome parties...I especially love the sentient potted plant named Steve, and the Android Giant Jukebox! Pure Awesome!

My party consisted of a Speedster/Mind Blaster primate with an enlarged cranium that calls himself JoJo, A Cockroach/Hawkoid named Beetlejuice that appears to be a man sized Prey Mantis, an Electrokinetic/Yeti named Uklok, he's got a really low con though so we all joke that he appears all big an bulky because his hair is standing on end from the electric current running through him, but when he gets wet he's all skinny, and finally a Seismic/Felinoid named Felix that says 'meow' after every sentence.

I am running them through the adventure in the book which I'm working into my larger campaign taking place in the area surrounding Las Vegas. They have gotten through the first two encounters, but each time they took a decent beating, and they are far more aware of their mortality then when playing D&D, so as the GM...I LOVE IT!

I've run so far for:
Radioactive Yeti
Android Rat Swarm
Hypercognitive Gravity Controller
Mind Coercer Mind Breaker
Sharkoid Squidling
Darkling Mind Deciever
Angelic Cockroach
Telekinetic Doppleganger
ran our first one last night...

a plant/felinoid called ****willow. also talked witha  decided lisp. no idea why. 11 int

a felinoid/electrokinetic called Sparky. Managed to roll 3 1's in a row and had a flux fest. 8 int

a doppleganger/speedster called roadrunner. surprisingly effective with the 8 movement and the range of the duplicating power. started using his dopplegangers as "bombs", dropping them from range. 18 int. he has almost double everyone else's int.

a speedster/yeti who missed the first encounter. I call him The Fast and the Furriest. Int 3. Also the only one capable of any reasonable physical activity. I believe he's called **** or yeff. it's something to do with furries.

a mind coercer/electrokinetic. I think he didn't like his character, actually. the mind coercer power is not easy to use, and his low hit points made him adverse to meleeing with the electrokinetic power. 5 int.
I endes up with a pile of scrap metal animated by a sentient electromagnetic force. My team consists of a head in a jar with a bad case of "gamma ADHD", a blob of radioactive goo, and a huge were-kitten.

(Orgins are electo/seismic, electro/precog, radioactive/swarm, and feline/giant)
We've got 5 mutants I'm really happy to see getting to work:

Authors - a Speedster Telekinetic.
Myr - A Hypercognitive Swarm
Zhark - A Roach Doppleganger
Steve - A mind coercer electrokinetic
Zonkaz - A Giant Yeti

There's two arguably human looking mutants, a human-sized assassin bug, a swarm of ants hiding in a set of coveralls, and a seven hundred pound purple monster.

I can't wait for their first encounter.  
We played last night for the first time. 

Mr. Scruffy (mind breaker/ felinoid)- Mr. scruffy is the white fluffy cat in James Bond movies, that the bad guys always keep.  He is the real mastermind behind S.P.E.C.T.R.E.  When the Big Mistake happened, Mr. Scruffy was hurled a 150 years into the future.  He wishes to go back in time and stop the Big Mistake, Ibecause he wants to rule the world but the current world sucks. 

Elvis Jackson-Presley (empath/ radioactive)- Elvis is the great, great, great, great, great, great grandson of Elvis Presley.  In an alternate time line, Maria Presley and Micheal Jackson had a child, Elvis decents from their child making him Rock/ Pop royalty Uhuh.  Elvis wears a rinstone covered leather outfit and fights with a heavy microphone stand.  He has a toy gun, he points at his enemies as he lowers his sunglasses to blast them with his radiation eyes. 

Golden Robot (empath/ android)- Golden Robot looks exactly the golden robot from Space Balls.  She has a plate armor maids apron and heavy shield purse, and smacks people with her battle fan.  the Golden Robot two-handed light range weapon is a boxing glove at the end of a siccors spring that launches from her chest, she needs to wind it up with a wind up key in her back.

Donk (electrokenetic/ giant)- Donk is the captain of his own river boat (keel boat).  He wears traffic sign armor and swings a parking meter in combat.  His range weapon is the truck fan blade.

Mickey Spelany (felinoid/ speedster)- Mickey is a humanoid cheetah in a leather duster and a fedora hat. He attacks with claws and a light crossbow he pulss from under his duster, with a 9 square speed, spelany is by far the fastest combatant on the battle field.  He is listens to Mr Scruffy and carries the meglomaniac cat's gear including Mr. Scruffy's 9mm pistol, in a special hoslter on his back, Mr. Scruffy knows how to get too. 

Sputnik (Speedster/ Telekenetic)- Sputnik is a 3' tall gremlin.  He is maintains the engines for Donk's river boat. 

KH (something something) (android/ speedster)- KH is lean silver and fast.  He speaks like a robot and moves with machine precision.  He carries a combat guitar and plays for Elvis, he is known for his lightning fast chord progressions and precise picking and hammering in playing rock guitar.

Highlights of the night for me.

  • The interesting heroes

  • Mr. Scruffy rolling a 7 on an overcharge for teleportation.  The little kitty teleports randomly near to a batter with a croosbow, hides behind a rock, then rips the badger/ man's throat out.  Mr. Scruffy continued to teleport randomly in good hiding positions and was very effective.

  • The 2 empaths' auras negated all the combat advantage i dealt out in the first round.

  • the porker's belch was a effective and almost a killer.

  • Elvis and pulling his toy gun out, aiming it, then pullling down his sun glassess and burning enemies with his eyes was Dm pleasing entertainment. 

  • Kh the robot. rolling a one and growing big clown feet.  

  • Mr. Scruffy fallling in the radiation crater, randomly teleporting to the edge of the crater, then running and hiding in the party's wagons.

  • But the ending punchline goes to Golden Robot.  The empathic golden robot, wined up the key on her back, launched her punching glove 50' uphill over the heads of her tougher allies knocking out the last standing badder. 

This game is big hit with our group.
My group of crazy misfits:

Mittens: A swarm of cute kitties, armed with a cat-a-pult they pull to launch themselves at enemies.

Petunia: A plant with insect-like roots and digestion. A little dim

Gregor: A grav controller/rad he's a glowing dwarf, complete with battle axe and scottish accent. 
Characters currently: Abscense makes the heart grow fonder but the characters disappear.
My group (family) have their party ready, with the exception of having rolled for starting gear, to start a campaign next weekend.  This will be my first rpg campaign since about '89, so I'm a little nervous, but anyway...

Mama Roach: Speedster/Cockroach played by my wife.
Noodles: Telekinetic/Gravity Controller played by my oldest son. (Called Noodles due to his "floppy, fleshy tendrils that pass as hair.")
Ash-Li: Mind Coercer/Radioactive played by my 10yr old daughter. (Who is the most excited about the game than anyone else next to me.)
Ko-Nhan: Felinoid/Hypercognitive played by my 10yr old son. (Yeah, twins.)
Speedy: Mind Breaker/Speedster played by my youngest son.

Should be interesting...
My group (family) have their party ready, with the exception of having rolled for starting gear, to start a campaign next weekend.  This will be my first rpg campaign since about '89, so I'm a little nervous, but anyway...

Mama Roach: Speedster/Cockroach played by my wife.
Noodles: Telekinetic/Gravity Controller played by my oldest son. (Called Noodles due to his "floppy, fleshy tendrils that pass as hair.")
Ash-Li: Mind Coercer/Radioactive played by my 10yr old daughter. (Who is the most excited about the game than anyone else next to me.)
Ko-Nhan: Felinoid/Hypercognitive played by my 10yr old son. (Yeah, twins.)
Speedy: Mind Breaker/Speedster played by my youngest son.

Should be interesting...

A family that squashes mutant bugs and fries frenzied robots together stays together.  Happy gaming.  Three cheers for family game night. 
The GM of our current group couldn't make it this week, so I ran a one-shot of Gamma World for the rest of our group.

Claudia - Seismic/Hypercogntive.  Stone fleshed woman in a chainmail bikini.  She had a large club with a sawblade wedged into the end, and used a lacrosse stick to hurl heavy objects as her ranged attack.
Ludiel - Pyrokinetic/Mind Coercer.  Hard to tell what he looked like since he was always on fire.  Played by a brand new (no pen/paper rpg experience whatsoever) player who is joining our regular group. 
Jamie Lee - Doppelganger/Telekinetic.  Blue skinned androgynous humanoid who liked to whack people with a board (with a nail in it), or have her double do it for her.
Dr. Betamax - Android/Empath.  A robotic psychologist/grief councelor who was somewhat twitchy due to a large unrepaired hole in his torso.  Had a fake handlebar moustache.  Comically, kept getting Bio Alpha Mutations (something that gave him a terrible odor, then yeti fur, then a third arm, then clown feet).

Unfortunately, Claudia and Ludiel died in battle to porkers in the final battle, but it was nonetheless an entertaining session.
My friends and I haven't quite started yet, but I rolled a character that I'm already pretty proud of:

"Edna" - Plant/Rat Swarm. A sentient flytrap that grew out of a garbage can and was mutated by ingesting harsh pesticides that were altered by The Big Mistake. The strange chemicals caused her to gain human intelligence and grow at an alarming rate, and also granted her the unusual ability to control animals that ate from the trash with spores and pheromones. As a result, Edna is constantly surrounded by a small army of rats, mice, a few opposums, two or three raccoons, an alley cat and a mangy fox. For a mutated plant, Edna is strangely charming and personable but can come off as arrogant and sometimes catty if riled. In melee, Edna is lazy and usually sends one of her varmints to take a bite out of her enemies (quick attack, 1d4+4). If that doesn't work, she bites at them with her trap (heavy attack, 1d8+5) or uses her vines to wield a sharp pair of garden shears (1d12+4). For ranged combat, Edna parts with one of her little vermin friends by chucking them like living frisbees (light ranged, 1d8+4; 5 squares). If fleeing is necessary, she jams her long roots through the bottom of her can and shambles away, urging her swarm to follow suit. Her starting gear consists of a trashcan, garden shears, duct tape, heavy flashlight, and leaf blower (pushes Tiny creatures 3 squares, +5 vs Reflex).  She uses the trashcan as makeshift armor (+7 armor, -1 Speed) and the lid serves as a hat and shield (+1 armor).

I imagine her voice to sound a lot like Dame Edna Everage.
My Game Day character turned out to be a Telekinetic Rat Swarm. Rat Swarm being the one thing I didn't want. Turned out awesome.

The Splinter spent all its time speaking of itself in the third person, an insisting that it would one day return to claim leadership of the hive mind that exiled it in the first place. This hubris was originally meant to be a joke, but the Splinter really managed to back it up in battle. Wrecked porker after porker. Often more than one at a time.

The Splinter's only real friend in the world, for reasons unexplained, was "Roach" Shepard, an insectoid-armored Cockraoch/Engineered Human. "Roach" had all the personality of his namesake, it basically did whatever the Splinter told him to. 
I ran my Gamma World with theme music, worked out great. PCs introduced themselves to the A-Team theme song, then the big bad android enemy made his presence felt to the Terminator 2 soundtrack, then after escaping from him, the party infiltrated the enemy base to the Mission Impossible soundtrack (think Whose Line is it Anyway?). And so it went. I also devised a gladiator type battle where everyone had their own entrance music:

Mr. Winks, feline hawkoid, "Corona" by the Minutemen (the **** theme)
Hometeam, doppleganger (he played an entire baseball team), "Hell's Bells" by AC/DC
Baked Potato, stoner speedster, "Chemical Warfare" by the Dead Kennedys
Big Heart Bear, yeti empath, "Dancing Queen" by ABBA

Don't forget to reward your players +2 to hit anytime they work in a heroic quip before their attack.
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