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Under Game Setup it instructs each player to draw one Treasure Card before the game starts.  A lot of these say "Play Immediately" on them, which didn't make sense to me.  So does it actually mean to draw an Adventure Treasure Card?  Or just keep drawing until you get one that doesn't say "Play Immediately?" Also, the game seems to use the term Treasure Card for both the regular ones and the Adventure Treasure Cards, adding to my confusion.

Well, if you take the rules literally, which seems to work best with Castle Ravenloft:

* Each player draws a Treasure Card. If it's an Item, they keep it. If it's a play immediately, they play it immediately. If it helps, it helps. If not, that player drew a boobie prize.

* Adventure Treasure Cards are only used with specific adventures. The set up text will tell you what Adventure Treasure Cards are added, or how they are used. 
We draw treasure cards, and if we get a "play immediately then discard" we keep drawing till we get one you get to keep.
Right after I posted this I went and played my first game and realized that drawing an Adventure Treasure card would definitely not make sense.  I like the take it literally recommendation and that is probably what I'm going to do.  Thanks for the responses!

On a side note, this game is AWESOME!
You start with a treasure?!  Oops, haven't been doing that...
You start with a treasure?!  Oops, haven't been doing that...

Yeah, we missed it the first couple games, too.

It's on page 4, under "Game Setup", second to the last paragraph. 
Here's what we do: each person draws a treasure and places it face down next to his or her other cards. When a player takes his or her first turn, that player flips the treasure card over and gains its benefits.

I don't suspect this is how the rule is meant to be played, but it works much better than getting screwed by a bad draw or redrawing over and over until you get an item or blessing. I have heard a rumor that the starting treasure rule is going to simply be done away with and won't appear in Wrath of Ashardalon.

As for adventure treasures, these should be kept separate and only used if the adventure calls for one.
I'm with AH_Anarchy on this one:
If the players draw their initial card, and it says "play immediately", then play it immediately.  If it doesn't help, then it doesn't help.  There's nothing in the rules to indicate you keep drawing until you find one you can keep.  

As much as I'm prone to fudge rules as a DM, for boardgames (even coops) I'm a literalist...if you don't get an initial treasure that is helpful then it just makes the game a bit more challenging.  The game could use more challenge if you ask me, we haven't lost one yet, even while using only 1 healing surge. 

Besides, even if all the players draw an initial play immediately treasure, they're really only playing without a treasure boost for the first few monsters, after that, everyone should be getting them as they defeat the monsters.
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I have heard a rumor that the starting treasure rule is going to simply be done away with and won't appear in Wrath of Ashardalon.

I was told this at PAX by the guy demonstrating the Ravenloft games.  When explaining the game,  he didn't have us do starting treasure and when I brought that up he specifically said it was something they were taking out of the game, starting with Ashardalon.  He said it was basically due to the very question asked in this thread: there was too many time where a person would draw a useless treasure card, so it rendered the whole thing a little pointless.

EDIT: I wish I remembered the guys name.  I think it was Chris (but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Chris Perkins)
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