10/25/2010 Feature: "One in 11,000"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Feature Article, which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Vintage Rotisserie is definitely the domain of Magic:TG gods and kings! I've been involved since The Dark and Revised, but there are probably more cards I haven't seen than I own. The big 2-0 is coming soon (it's really been that long?  

This style of play would be cool to see more of.  I'd like to see a Super Master's block made for the big 2-0. Obviously they wouldn't do Power 9 and Reserved list, but new blocks made from the best of the old (full 300-500 card blocks) would be really great. Some cards would get new art because early sets WotC didn't have all the art rights, but it would be fun as many players could pull out old cards. Now that they're doing these it would be neat to see what works and what doesn't and use that as research for what to put in. 2000 of the best cards would be a real treat, and it would give gamers an excuse to introduce newbies to some of the Old Sets that have good cards mixed with the horribly broken. It could be really fun!!
I'd love to do one of these.  I especially liked Zac's deck.
This is what I love so much about Magic. I thought about doing this about 4 years ago, but I don't have the cards, so most would need to be proxies. I also wouldn't assume what most of the picks would be and wouldn't actually assemble any cards until after the drafting, but I don't have nearly enough friends who know enough cards.

My first concern about this format was that it wouldn't change that much in successive plays, but then I found a great solution. Play again, but remove all the cards that we're drafted last time. That should be a real challenge. I'd be really excited to see what kind of wacky combo decks come out of that.
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