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Ok i got a quick question.  I am starting essentials with my son and a couple of his friends this weekend and am wondering how do i get into this ongoing campaign?
Go to the Encounter web page and use the store locator to find a venue running encounters. Most will be running the event on Wednesday, but some do other days. Just check with the event cordinator. They should be able to help you into a session or even help you dm the session if that is what you want to do.

What darkraven23 says is spot-on. Find a FLGS hosting the event and check in with them. Some stores(most? that im not sure of) even have enough room around the table(s) to accommodate walk-ins, and i dont know any event coordinators who like the idea of telling someone new that they cant/wont let them play. And if you have any other questions, you found the right place to ask.