Lvl 6 - 10 Monsters?

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So, I'm sure all of you who have the boxed set have realized that the monsters are a bit lacking, and I'm sure its because they will all be revealed in due time.


What are you all doing to compensate for the monsters of that level?


If you are substituting monsters in from the D&D Monster Manuals, how have you changed them to make the conversion more balanced? (i.e. Do you adjust the monsters so that their levels add to damage and attack rolls, typing damage, and just flavor?)

The two adventure supplements will flesh out the monster list. But if your players have reached, say, level 5 already and you need monsters, there are some things you can do.

4E monsters from the MM and elsewhere are totally compatible. Make no changes to them at all. If you do make any changes, use the latest 4E errata to raise the damage values the monsters throw around; this change is for pre-MM3 monsters. Monsters from Dark Sun are especially good for the radioactive wastes of Gamma World.

There has not been a whole lot of monster creation on these forums yet. Oraibi has a new monster for her Two Suns setting. My Army of the Steam Queen is here (levels 4-8); it's part of the Domain of the Steam Queen. My Ape Army (levels 1-8) is here; it's part of Prime Nation.

If you decide to make your own monsters, use the exact same monster-creation formulas you use for 4E. When GW characters get to add their level instead of 1/2 level, that is just compensating for a lack of feats, magic items, and high ability scores. 
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It seems to me like the rules for scaling monsters in D&D would apply to GW monsters as well. I haven't studied the monsters extensively, but for those monster "types" with more than one entry, it seems like they've been scaled up in a similar way. Maybe someone else can provide some more insight into this.
(i.e. Do you adjust the monsters so that their levels add to damage and attack rolls, typing damage, and just flavor?)

All damage types from D&D work as is. An argument can be made that Lightning = Electric (I would do it that way)

UNtyped damage is considered Physical.
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