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So our regular 4th edition campaign was not well attended enough, so we finally got to play Castle Ravenloft.  The rules are pretty damn ambiguous at times so thought I would fire out some questions for any feedback.  (They really need a rules forum for this game)

We did the icon of Ravenloft adventure twice, died once, succeeded the 2nd time.

?#1.  The adventure text tells you to draw an encounter card at the start of the Villian Phase once the Chapel is revealed.  You already do that in the Villian Phase, so we played it as you had to play 2 encounter cards per player turn until the goal was achieved.  Any thoughts on if this was correct?  Seemed the more difficult road, so we just went for it.

Healing Surges.  You only have 2 for the party to use?  Why are there 5 or 6 of them in the box then?  How do you regenerate any?  I went through the treasure cards real quick and saw nothing of how to regenerate Surges.  Or maybe we didn't play with the right amount.  From our reading, you had 2 to access.  We played with 4 players...

We had the same question about the encounters once you reach the Chapel and played it the same way you did.  I just figured it was a way to ramp up the difficulty at the end to make it more challenging. 

Yes you get 2 surges to share for the whole game.  I'm assuming there are more for later scenerios maybe.  No way I know of to replenish them.  I'm finding it's very hard to heal, even the cleric can only heal one time if I remember correctly.  We did however get a treasure that allowed you to heal to full.
You normally only draw an Encounter card if you didn't explore a new tile or if the newly explored tile has a black triangle.

Healing Surges: Yes, 2 for the whole party. The additional surges are for you to use with custom adventures or if you want to make the game a little easier by adding another surge. I think there is a player created adventure that gives each Hero one surge, and they are not shared, for example. 
we have played it that there are 5 sugres for the party and no player can spend more than 2


There's a bit where it says the default is supposed to be 2 surges for the group, and you can make the encounter more difficult by allowing only 1, and easier by allowing 3. It's in the back of the rule book, I believe.
How is everyone interpreting the "within one tile" qualifier on monster actions?  My group is currently interpreting this as "if the monster and hero are on the same tile", but I am wondering if this is correct.
"Within one tile" is the tile the monster is on, and any adjacent tile, not counting diagonally. If you look in the Movement section, it gives you rules for counting distance.
Thanks for the clarification.  I will check the Movement section of the rules again.  The game just got significantly harder.
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