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After running the starting adventure I plan on continuing in a semi-serious on going campaign. However I don't have the time to jump right into original content.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for which lower level modules (if any) could be used and how to incorporate them into the Gamma World setting (I have no problem tweaking the encounters)
The thing is you probably don't need low level modules, the one in the book will get you to 3rd level in a couple of sessions for a party of 5 (Approx 5500XP total printed = 1100 which puts you at 3rd).  Famine in Fargo will take you probably to 6th level and my guess is since they have said some hints about Legion of gold that it will take you to 9th or 10th level.

Still, if you need stuff to fill in the gaps of time between each of the box sets, you could do the mini adventure in the back of the Darksun Campaign guide.
Oh perfect, I didn't realize the included adventures were that long.

And yes, Dark Sun does seem like a natural fit for anything in between.

They are not "long" per se.  The advancement chart is shorter example 500xp gets you to 2nd level, vs. the 1K you need in D&D.  You hit 10th level in GW at 10,000 xp which would only make you 7th in D&D.    The adventure in the starter box is 8 encounters, the ones in Famine and Legion are around 15-16, or so they have said.

If you can find a local game store doing game day this weekend try to get your hands on trouble in Freesboro and that should easily get you a great level 1 adventure that would get a group of 4-5 to  2nd level by the end of the mini module of 4-5 encounters (2200-2700 xp), then launch them into the adventure in the book, which would put them mid-3rd.

I do not know what level Famine will start at - but I would guess 3rd or worst case 4th.  If the later is the case then you can throw in some small side quest of a few encounters of your own make and off you go.  Personally I would grab a map of your local mall and throw together some quick combats and your all set.
Famine will start at 3rd; says so in the October&Beyond preview.
Yeah, Grayseer is right. You level in about 4 encounters in Gamma World. The adventure in the box set, and the two supplements, are intended to be a complete campaign. 

But if you DID want to use 4E adventures, you could, with a bit of work. I won't bother going into it, though. Since it sounds like you don't really have a problem.

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I was thinking that the Chaos Scar modules might make a good fit with minimal tinkering... anyone tried that yet?
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