Quick d20 Future adventures?

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I am running a d20 Future campaign.  I am just wondering if there are any small/quick Future adventures out there somewhere?  Something I can use for subplots, etc?

I think there used to be free adventures on the d20 Modern homepage.

Most are modern focused, but the rules system is the same:

Well, I have two possibles...

Star Toad from "Modernized"


Star Crash by our very own Skrittiblak

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I have adaptions somewhere on my desktop, laptop, or USB Drive of various sci-fi and other books I have read for either starting points or adventures while the PC's starhop around the galaxy.

You could have the party do a mission as part of getting back their spaceship/etcetera
Woohoo! I thought Star Crash was gone for good when my last computer died.  
Try the old Alternity adventures; Klick Clack, The Killing Jar, The Last Warhulk
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