Floor-ita; The jungles of Or-land

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Hi, I live in Orlando Florida. I tried this out to see what I could come up with. 
First off, if any one has a better name then "Floor-ita" or Or-land let me know


Jungles of Or-land


Notable generalizations

Most of the Jungles of Or-land (In the State of Floor-ita) is an overgrown jungle. It is chalk full of mutated mosquitoes and the Rampaging “Sons of Albert” The Destructive “Gatormen” of the “Gator Nation” a violent offshoot of the Bonapartists who believe amphibians to be the top of the food chain. 

Mutated plants are also quite common, they have large villages populated around Floor-ita and get along well enough with the Sons of Albert.

Notable locations

1)    Bok Tower – The largest town of mutated plants in Floor-ita. The city houses the “Tower of ancient sounds” Sonic relics that are hidden away in the seven level tower. Some say the Plant people have stockpiled enough omega tech in the tower that they could take over the world, If this collection of archivists had any interest in doing so. Non plant folk who intrude on the tower have been known to be found as “fertilizer”.

2)    Big Tree monastery- Located in “Tallwodd” is a mutated plant called “The Senator” he stands over 5,000 feet tall and is almost as old. He speaks telepathically when he bothers to do so, but most of the time stands in quiet contemplation. “Monks of Bok” are noted to travel to big tree on pilgrimages all year long.

3)    Center Dazo- The densest population of mutant animals and plants in the Jungle or Or-land. Dazo is the second largest population of Mutated animals in Floor-ita. They are in constant struggle (and all out war) with the “Gator Nation” for dominance. The Folk of Dazo are Bonapartist, but do not agree with the “sovereignty” of the Sons of Albert.

4)    City of islands- Home to many mutants and pure strains alike, this is a land fractured by beliefs. The “Attendants” patrol the “Tower of Karz” and charge any who wish to trade with or visit the twin cities heavily to gain entrance. Saloons and bordellos border the inner walkway as visitors must make a choice. Ally themselves with the “Universalists” A collection of the brother hood of thought that has taken over what was once a “Team parkk” to the east; or ally themselves with the “Adventureists” a group of Restoratonists who have taken over an adjoining “Team park” to the west.

 5)     Kingdoms Arcana- Four kingdoms (The Kingdom of Diz, The Kingdom of Hol, The Kingdom of Epp, and the Kingdom of Ani) make up a bizarre power house in Floor-ita. The Kingdom of Diz is itself broken into many “lands” of different cultures and allowed technologies.

Diz is a city of robots who were permanent smiles and present themselves as overly friendly. The truth is that they spread the rumor that the kingdom is the “Happiest place on earth” to lure in travelers, who they enslave to work various jobs in the kingdoms.

The Kingdom of Hol is populated by mutant archivists who wish to declare war on the Universalists of the city of islands (who used to be an offshoot of the kingdom of Hol before they changed leadership and direction).

The Kingdom of Epp is a multi fractured kingdom of competing ancient cultures that are primarily restoratinists, but cannot agree on what culture should first be restored.

The Kingdom of Ani is populated by refuges of the Dazo-Gator nation wars who wish to be left out of the conflict. They offer themselves to the Kingdoms Arcana as political refuges.

The darkest secret of the Kingdoms is who the robots work for and why the denizens seem to suffer from nightmares. Why they here terrible screams in the late hours. Down in the catacombs that secretly run underneath and connect all the kingdoms are the Knights of Genetic Purity. They allow the Mutants, plants and animals to live above them, observed by the care full watch of hidden cameras. The Knights are collecting data to better reach their goals.

 6)    Tasyfly- A large collection of restorationists who are working to reclaim the skies. They have a make shift city floating between hot air balloons in the sky. They have tethered there city to a collection of ancient “hangars” in the jungle. They are happy to trade with anyone who has something of value… and who dare to make the perilous climb to their city in the sky.

7)    Gatorland- A School of combat for the Sons of Albert. Gator land is the second largest city in the Gator nation. As it is farther away from the “civilization” of the Gator Nation, Gatorland has taken to allowing trade with non mutant animals.

8)    Petting Meadows- A small farming community of all types of survivors who have no addenda outside of day to day survival.

9)    Imes Kingdom- The Kingdom of Imes are peopled by a splinter group of restorationists who have found a “guide book to living in the 11th century” and a “script” for a “Dinner and tournament” and decided that is the preferred way of life the ancients had in mind. They have taken to farming the area and are a complete kingdom strait out of the dark ages. There king Alfonso & Queen Inez have been the names banqueted on their rulers as soon as new rulers take the thrown. Imes kingdom is known to heavily employ badders, who they give special privileges to in return for service, and finding (aka: Kidnapping) “Knights” from other villages to compete in there nightly “Tournament”

10) Pirates of Din- The Pirates of din dress and act as classic pirates, instead of roaming the cost, they have a motorized “Pirate ship” on wheels that travels the remaining roads of “EYE FOUR” and claim “EYE DRIVE” as their home territory.  

11) The Odditorium – A pure strain human who calls himself “Robert Ripley” Lives in a house that is built upside down and leads a band of archivists who are sympathetic to the folk of Petting Meadows. The interesting part is that to the north lies the city of “Jak-sons”, it is many miles away, but is also a band of Archivists who are lead by a pure strain human who calls himself “Robert Ripley”.

12) Castel Solomon-   A medieval kingdom that is lead by Bercilak “The Green Knight” a plant mutant who was once a knight in the Kingdom of Imes. Castel Solomon also hosts the “Green chapel” and there relationship with the Bok Tower, as well as its acceptance of modern and omega tech weapons have lead to its ability to maintain its independence.  

13) Sep-World- Home to many an aquatic mutant, large packs of Sep; land born “mole sharks” are known to infest the area. Living in the large aquariums is actually the closest thing to safe in the area. Large shopping lands of the ancient’s scattered around the area are known to hold many valuable secretes and omega tech items.

14) Silver pools- Springs of various sizes have been known across Floor-ita for many years. Since the big mistake, these springs now form a honeycombed watery network beneath the land. A merfolk tribe called the “Wiki-watchers” has been seen in the springs. It is said they know a great deal about the ancients and are willing to answer questions, if someone can bring them something they find valuable enough to trade for.

15)  Downtown- The collapsed city of Or-land is set in the heart of a great jungle. Many mutants and monsters prowl the broken ruins of the past. Beneath the city lies a network of passages that house a small market and many scavenger families. This area is “Downtown” and hard to find items are bartered and repaired for trade in its dingy halls.

16) Burbons- Some small communities lie in outlying areas of Or-land. These are normally small farming villages of 30 people or less. They have their own varying degrees of crazy.

17) Nastar- NAStar lies partially underwater from flooding, but it was a center of activity for the ancient humans and their dealings with advanced technologies. Wondrous technology awaits any who dare brave the cyborgs, robots, and mutated apes who still patrol these lands and call them home. The Knighs of purity are always testing to see if they can steal anything from the well defended compound, but to date have had little success.

18) The Fort of the August court- Located north of the Jungle of Or-land, The August Court is a collection of individuals who have found the fountain of youth and have decided to keep it for themselves. The leader of the court lord Alcazar, a mutated hippopotamus, has reclaimed the age old fort in the area and spread rumors of other “Fountains of youth” in the surrounding areas. All of them traps for would be explorers. Some say that Alcazar is taking his orders from someone else, but the question is… from whom?       

19) Igor City- On the coast lays Igor city. It is a retched hive of scum and slave tracking. The Pirates of din have been known to travel here to sell off any who have gotten in their way. The Andromatronics of Diz have been known to come here to buy slaves at a fair price. Others have found the city a good place to blow off steam or find work. There are no laws and no guard in Igor city, and that’s the way they like it.    

20)  Gator Nation- The Gator nation is the largest organized community in the Jungle of Or-land. It is ruled by the “Sons of Albert” large, mutated Alligators who value martial and physical ability over all others. They tend towards sport to make decisions among themselves. They believe they already rule the rest of Floor-ita, and become angered if pointed out that they do not. The Exploration teams of the Gator nation can be found hunting sport in the jungles of Central Or-land.        

What do you think, sirs? 


As a Florida resident myself I approve, was thinking of amending the Disney Parks myself for when I can actually get my freinds together.
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Keen, Glad you dig it
"Noting that you mentioned the name, I am running my Gamma World game as a 'close to home' type game. I live in Tampa, but I mentioned Orlando, which is called the Golden Land, as Orlando means 'Land of Gold'. I don't know if that really helps or means anything to you, but I thought I'd make note of it, if nothing else, as a cool fact."
"Don't ask me about the way I type, at best, I'll ignore you (or have no intention of actually reading the thread I posted in again). If I respond, it will probably be sarcastic. I could explain it here, but really, why should I? I am asked often, and usually in a rude and condescending manner, and so, giving the answer here would only serve to satisfy the curiosity of a bunch of stupid people I don't care to grant that benefit. Also, if it annoys you, just remember that somewhere out there, my spirits were lifted, because I really like annoying people that are close-minded enough to be annoyed by something as minor as that; not to mention, there are a good number of people on the internet who can't even bother to learn to write American English (or any other form of English, I can't make criticisms about languages in which I am not proficient) properly (people for whom it is their first language), and that is far more irritating, yet commonly accepted."
I had no idea it meant land of gold- keen!

 I know that Orlando Got its name from "Orlando Reeves"

A solder who died in the area around lake eola, the name of the city originally was "Orlando's Grave"

I thought "Orlando's grave" sounded awesome, but not quite gammaworld... 
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