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So I just got this boardgame over the weekend (and love it, by the way)... unfortunately my kids got into it and left some minis out which were swiftly picked up and chewed to bits by our dog.

Does Wizards have a place to re-order replacement minis for this set?
Well... found my answer and it isn't what I wanted to hear... Here's the official word on this from the Customer Service page

Also, Wizards of the Coast does not have the ability to sell extra pieces or parts for our board games. The amount of inventory we keep on hand will not allow us to offer extra items if they become lost or damaged due to use. We only have enough product on hand to provide replacements for actual defective products.

Not happy about this at all... come on, WOTC... there's got to be another solution here!
 Here is a link to Auggies


 They are an awesome site and are selling ravenloft singles.

Only advice I can offer is to keep $65 games out of reach of children and/or dogs.

You may just have to buy D&D minis singles to replace them.

I have since moved it... it was at the top of our game closet... my 4-year-old climbed the shelves and got it down...

That's what we get for having a monkey for a child LOL 
I suggest just making some carboard tokens to replace the destroyed minis. 
All, or nearly all, of those Ravenloft minis are unpainted re-runs of previous D&D Minis.

You can buy the singles online through a lot of places -- and you'll have painted versions. They might be a bit pricey if they're from older sets, though.

Most of them, I already have -- I'm going to search through my massive D&D Minis collection and pull out all the Ravenloft ones so I can use painted ones.
Could anybody possibly put together a list of the minis and what set we can find their painted versions? That would be awesome!

vvvvv...awesome thanks! i figured it would cost some $$

I think this may be what you're looking for.  Found it when I was scouring the web looking for a similar answer.  I looked into replacing all the minis as well but it's $$.  

I thought about using my painted miniatures instead of the ones that come with the board game.  There are actually some that I think would make better replacements.

For example Count Strahd uses the Vampire Vizier sculpt but I like the actual Count Strahd sculpt from Unhallowed better.

Others I would change...

Young Vampire (Vampire Vizier) -> Vampire Aristocrat (Archfiends)
Werewolf (Giants of Legend) -> Werewolf (Harbinger)
Rat Swarm (Savage Encounters) -> Rat Swarm (Unhallowed)
Skeleton (Archfiends) -> Skeleton (Lords of Madness)
Wolf (Worg, Harbinger) -> Timber Wolf (Deathknell)
Zombie (Terror Wight, War Drums) -> Strahd Zombie (Unhallowed) or Zombie (Harbinger/Giants of Legend)

I'm fortunate enough to have a painted Dracolich from War of the Dragon Queen to replace Gravestorm but the Fettered Dracolich from Lords of Madness could be a cheaper alternative.

As mentioned before, Auggies sells singles of the board game versions.

Have there been other complaints about missing minis? I just opened my copy of Castle Ravenloft and I am missing a flesh golem. I was very careful and am certain it just wasn't in the box. I already reported this to customer service, but I saw this thread and was just curious if this had happened to others.

My dwarf was missing, customer service sent a replacement promptly when I contacted them.
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