Salvaging the Unsalvageable

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... or "How to turn busted Tech into useable goods."

Lets say a player gets his hands on a Omega Tech melee weapon or piece of armor.  It serves that player well, and they really like the item.  But eventually, as all Omega Tech must, it eventually breaks.

Would you permit the player to keep the tech as basic gear?  The gear in the book is open to wide interpretation.  A heavy melee weapon can be a sledgehammer, a parking meter, or a televsion.  Why can't it be that Grav Hammer that is broken beyond repair?

(Playing devil's advocate here mostly, but I wouldn't be surprised if at least one of my future players asked this question).

One of the posters here has a great idea for gear that is not salvaged. This is how you build your own Omega Tech deck. When you "find" the item again later, what actually happened is that you found a battery, a clip, or a component that allows you to get your old device working again.

In the meantime, sure, flail away with it as a weapon. Though, if you start hitting people by swinging your fusion rifle as a club, don't be surprised if it never works again no matter how many batteries you find. 
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That was me.  ;)  It occurred to me the moment I read the Omega Deck rules, as they're more than a little counter-intuitive, and the idea that you're actually schlepping around the non-functional Omega tech you've accumulated in the hopes of stubmling across an illudium492 power core for your Inertial Amor or a useable transtater to repair your holoscanner nicely rationalizes it. 

Using unsalvageable - due to level, or simply not having a salvage entry - tech as a standard-equipment facsimile, considering most standard gear is repurposed junk, is perfectly reasonable, too.  Though, if I were using my system, and a player wanted to do that, the item wouldn't go into his Omega Deck, due to the mistreatment inherent in such uses.

Another possibility is to consider busted Omega Tech to be 'ancient junk' that you can still trade. 



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