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Took some time to chart a few things out.  Thought I'd share.  If I can figure out a way to allow google docs to show my work without allowing everyone the ability to edit, I'll add a link.

Edit:  Thanks, Palmerkun.

Using the 20 Origins in the Core rules:

Approx 400 different character origin combinations.  Keep in mind that an Android/Cockroach (Int 18/Dark Overcharge) is different from a Cockroach/Android (Con 18/Bio Overcharge), but a Felinoid/Rat Swarm is the same as a Rat Swarm/Felinoid (Both Dex 20/Bio Overcharge).

Of those 400 combos:

20 are Enahanced Humans.

51 will have an ability score of 20

56 will have no at will powers

6 are in trouble if combat goes long (no at wills, no ability score that will give a guaranteed +3 minimum bonus to basic attacks).

Open the doc. Near the top there's a "Private Only To Me" link with a padlock. Click it.

You will see "Private - Only the people listed below can access   Change"

Click Change.

Select Anyone with the link.
Now you'll see a tickybox appear for the edit setting.
Leave it UNchecked.

Now anyone can read the document, but not edit it, as long as they have the direct link.
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