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Page 34: "If two traits can't be reconciled, you get only the trait of your primary origin."

My question is what can't be reconciled?

For example, if someone rolled Plant/Pyrokinetic, which have the Traits Vulnerable to Fire (5) & Fire Resistant (10), I'd be inclined to allow the character to have Fire Resistant (5). 

Or Seismic/Speedster, with Ponderous (-1 Speed) and Blinding Speed (+2 Speed) = +1 Speed, to my thinking.

Since the section on Reconciling Contrary Origins on the next page seems to be about finding a way to make it work (rather than saying "no"), these solutions make sense to me.

Which is why I find the line I quoted above puzzling. Help?
As far as I can see, those traits can be reconciled, so there's no problem there. I think the line about taking only the primary trait in cases where two traits cannot be reconciled is simply future planning for possible traits that we haven't yet seen, which may have clauses like "you cannot have (X)" and another trait which gives you (X).

So if you are a Hawkoid + (Origin Z), and (Origin Z) has a trait that says "you can never have a Fly speed", you need to go with your primary Origin.
I certainly havent figured out anything that couldnt be reconciled. The only things I found that even came close would be

A) Seismic Speedster (as was mentioned)
B) Pyrokinetic Plant (Fire Vuln 5 and Fire Resist 10).

But both of those traits can stack together to still recieve a positive outcome - a minor speed boost for A), and lesser fire resistance for B).

I'm guessing they threw that in there just in case someone has trouble envisioning something, or in case they publish something later that cuases problems (which knowing WotC, will likely happen if they support the game).
It's possible that the line is just there for future traits.  There's very little that can't be reconciled so far, as you may have noted.  After all, even in D&D, vulnerabilities and resistances stack.
With Famine in Fargo introducing 20 new Origins, I can see the need to have that line in there for now.
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