Gamma World Character Sheet

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The character sheets that come in the game box do a great job of being a guide for creating a new character, but they seem to have forgotten to be usefull while playing as well. There's not nearly enough room for powers, gear or skills (Let's face it new players especially will want a list with mods filled in). Every level 1 character gets 2 weapons (ranged & melee) and 2 powers, so why in the attacks section are there only 3 boxes? There's even enough space at the end of the column...

Anyway instead of moan about it (ok, as well as moaning about it) I created an excel version. It's A4 landscape, and my aim was to get all the most usefull info on 1 side, and be friendly to new players. Below you should find a link to the blank sheet, plus one filled out with my premade character on. Yes I suck at rolling D6's apparently. There is also a screenshot for a quick preview.

All copyrights of course belong to WotC, and all mistakes are my own. Don't think I've infringed anything anyway, since I've left out all rules except a description of second wind. At some point I plan to make a Character-creation checklist and a level-up checklist to print seperately.

The Blank sheet:

And Here's a version with example character details filled in in red:


Hope someone else out there finds it usefull :D