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I've got quite a bit of stuff for my campaign set in what I call NuMex. In this instance, NuMex encompasses everything from Roz's Well (Roswell) all the way to Vegaz and parts of Cally Horn. I'll try to post something soon.

So far I have a Western Theme Park, a Mutant Circus, a backstory for The Empire of Ishtar and The Kingdom (a mythical locale also known as Disneyland).

Where is this PDF? I still cannot find it.

Part of the campaign map is below:

I'm deep into putting together all of my notes for Yoi Habu Island (my take on what used to be San Francisco). Where can I find the Atlas PDF so that I can format the info to match?
I'm deep into putting together all of my notes for Yoi Habu Island (my take on what used to be San Francisco). Where can I find the Atlas PDF so that I can format the info to match?

I found it - after much trouble - here:

thats the one
I'm deep into putting together all of my notes for Yoi Habu Island (my take on what used to be San Francisco). Where can I find the Atlas PDF so that I can format the info to match?

I found it - after much trouble - here:

Perfect. Thanks!
Before anyone else makes a location there, I'd like to present the Land of Sloo.

Sloo is the post apocalyptic version of St. Louis, Missouri. I'm using it in a home campaign and I wanted to contribute it to the atlas. More details to follow as I flesh them out. As it stands, Sloo is a wasteland city littered with ruined skyscrapers and rubble clogged streets.
Here are my notes on Yoi Habu Island:

The Ancients called it San Francisco - in one timeline. Some called it Yerba Buena. Others knew it only as a lonely stretch of water off of the Mexivada coast. The Big Mistake mangled the world, but those first terrible fluctuations landed squarely on the San Francisco Bay Peninsula with a brutal wrath few other places experienced. From earthquakes to fires to rising seas, the forces of nature collaborated across hundreds of years and thousands of timelines to perform a symphony of obliteration. Even the tamer timelines found the area an apex of cultural struggles. Mayan, American, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, English, French, and Native armies each emerged as the victors in alternate bloody wars for dominance. In its wilder moments, Silicon Valley birthed sentient (and violent) AI, L'Agence Spatiale Canadienne's first interstellar craft exploded in a nuclear frenzy of radiation, and the sedan-sized remains of near-Earth asteroid 1994 WR12 smashed into Marshall Shafsky's gold panning claim, bringing an early end to the Mexican gold rush of the late 20th century. Planes and dirigibles collided with pterodactyls and the sudden appearance of floating sky cities and wind-harvesting turbines. When all was said and done, the battered remains of what is now known as Yoi Habu Island sat flooded, burnt, nuked, and shaken to its foundations with millions dead from universes' worth of chaos coalescing upon this small peninsula a mere seven miles wide.

Survivors were those lucky enough to live either in the domed bubble of University City to the south or the smaller, less cosmically significant towns to the north. As the world learned to live again, refugee camps became refugee villages which became permanent settlements, though the new chaotic landscape slowed the pace of human - and "human" - progress throughout the pockets of civilization freckling the face of Alta California.

Points of Interest

Buffalo Garden - Originally a beautifully tamed stretch of park, Buffalo Garden is now a wild sprawl of once-urban jungle. Gone are the manicured lawns and tranquil tulip gardens. Today the park is a wooded tangle of mutated predators and shambling threats that separates Slag City from the foot of the volcanic Mount Funston. Legends persist about a reclusive race of Bisonmen known as the Tatonka living within Buffalo Garden, but so far none of those who have travelled in search of proof have been heard from again.

Camp Hawk Hill - If Alta California has anything approaching formalized government, it radiates out into the hillsides from atop Camp Hawk Hill. Once a World War II radar installation, the concrete bunkers buried deep in the remote hills north of Yoi Habu Island made for a secure place to hide, defend, and eke out an existence while the atomic dust settled. In time, stability spawned community and with it came the trappings of security, shelter, and the rule of law. Modern day Camp Hawk Hill is a feudal society run by La Hermandad, a ruling council of soldier lords whose seats at The Table are passed down from father to eldest son among the six ruling families.

The motto oro en paz, fierro en guerra, or "gold in peace, iron in war", is painted throughout the encampment and is the code that all who look to Hawk Hill must follow. No one lives for free in The Camp and its roughly 500 residents either protect its security or serve its prosperity.

One of Camp Hawk Hill's most important features is its job board. Anyone with available work - either within The Camp or from the surrounding area - can submit the job to one of the town's hidalgos, the armed civilian security force into which all residents of age are eventually conscripted. Hidalgos then write up the job onto flyers which are posted to the board. Flyers list a job's description and fee along with a briefing time and tearable "claim tags" at the bottom of each sheet. Those interested in a job tear off a claim tag and bring it with them to the briefing tent at the specified time. Hidalgos are instructed to enforce the "no claim tag, no job" rule.

Dougstown - The eastern half of Yoi Habu Island is covered in the ruined jumble of a thousand different possible urban sprawls. Fragments of San Francisco, New Edinburgh, Zhemchuzhina, and Galactic Internment Zone 2228G all overlap into a chaotic nightmare of civic planning alternatives, sewer line options, and power grid jazz improvisations. With the promise of unknown technology and priceless ancient treasures, its draw for explorers and salvage crews has always been undeniable. Even the earliest adventurers picking their ways through the fallen skyscrapers and twisted hoverbus wrecks, though, found evidence of Doug.

No one knows who Doug was except that he must have been the first to explore the ruins of Yoi Habu Island. Whatever his story, Doug's legacy lives on in his having labeled anything he apparently found interesting as belonging to him. Graffiti blanketing the eastern half of the island marks Doug's Street, Doug's Tunnel, The Museum of Doug, and specifically the large "Welcome to Doug's Town" sign. The general explorers' maxim of "finders, keepers" has been upheld and so Dougstown is the name most use to denote this massive district of Yoi Habu Island.

The Kingdom of Kron - In the center of the island, on the western edge of Dougstown, a new kingdom has recently started shouting its name into the wasteland. Little is known about The Viewmaster, Kron's larger-than-life leader, but his tribe seems to be growing from the few dozen reclusive survivalists who choose to make Yoi Habu their home. As their tribe grows, The Viewmaster is said to be singularly focused on reclaiming the lost voice of technology known as Television.

Puerta del Cielo - Quietly standing guard at the northern tip of the island are the monolithic ruins known as Puerta del Cielo, or Heaven's Gate. These three ancient Mayan ziggurats rise above the fog like silent sentinels left behind by the gods themselves.

The Singularity - The Big Mistake shattered reality through the prismatic gaze of a million simultaneous "what if" scenarios. Amazingly, there was one small spot in the universe that stayed the same in every single possibility - and it happens to be a 7-Eleven convenience store. Now simply known as The Singularity, this exact spot southeast of Camp Hawk Hill eventually became a 7-Eleven in every possible timeline that saw the area settled by mankind. In timelines where humanity never existed, this spot was a popular watering hole for local fauna. Even in the few timelines that saw Earth fail to coalesce out of the dust of space, intergalactic alien space stations and rest stops eventually occupied this exact location in the universe, all of which were coincidentally named the corresponding linguistic equivalent of 7-Eleven. Broderick Richardson, the Singularity's current owner, continues its legacy and operates the area's most successful trading post in its place. Of course, the 7-Eleven sign still hangs above the doors.

Slag City - On the western side of Yoi Habu Island sit the irradiated and melted remains of Slag City. Located in the shadow of volcanic Mount Funston, this once residential neighborhood is a mixture of volcanic slag, irradiated ruins, and heaps ancient junk.

Willow Grove Yacht Club - The waters around Yoi Habu Island are notoriously temperamental. Adventurers heading to the island often choose to leave the navigation work up to The Ferryman who sails out of the Willow Grove Yacht Club, a small harbor to the east of Camp Hawk Hill with a single seaworthy boat. The Ferryman insists that passengers bring two canisters of diesel fuel as payment.
I converted Fort Worth, Tx. and Here are my inital notes:

DFW in Gamma Terra

The following is a translation of the DFW area into a Gamma Terra location. Let’s first take a look at my “plan of attack” for translating into Gamma World.

Selecting Some Specifics

Map: Use the current maps from Google or a Mapsco binder.


Alternate Histories: JF Kennedy was captured on Friday November 22, 1963 in Dallas TX at 12:30 and was held for ransom. The ransom was Texas Independence and the U.S Congress signed off on it as did JFK.  Once an Independent Nation again they made the trade three days later but things turned bad which resulted in JFK being killed.  The U.S.A decided to continue to recognize the separation of TX and on November 29, 1963, John Connally became the first President of the New Republic of Texas.

List of Presidents of the New Republic of Texas:
1963 – John Connally
1967 – Preston Smith
1971 – Dolph Briscoe
1975 – Dolph Briscoe
1979 – Bill Clements
1983 – Mark White
1987 – Bill Clements
1991 – George H Bush
1995 – George H Bush
1999 – George W Bush
2003 – George W Bush
2007 – Rick Perry
2011 – Rick Perry (The Big Mistake happened in 2012 on his watch and it all died)
2022 – Current year no leader, the country is still trying to put itself back together

Big Mistake – Terrorist attacks against Texas and the US, followed by the invasion of Iran which caused Iran to fire Nuclear missiles at the US, which caused many countries to follow their treaties and attack the attackers, Mexico joined in the fun by firing Small Nuclear Cluster bombs at Texas.  One of the 3 stage Cluster bombs struck Dallas and the surrounding area.

Locals’ Flavor: Dallas was struck by a 3-stage Nuclear Cluster bomb and was completely destroyed as was a 15 mile radius around it by the first stage. The blast radius was inside 635, I-20 and 360.  The shock wave reached all the way West to 820, up to the edge of Frisco, East to Rockwall, and South to Waxahachie. The second stage Chemical Warheads hit many of the surrounding towns and cities, Fort Worth took 3 of them and they caused some massive fires. The third stage Biological warheads penetrated even farther out and as many as 10 struck Fort Worth, the VIRUS mixed with the radiation and all people over the age of puberty. The radiation spread across most of East Texas and penetrated even the most secure military structures, only 3 locations in all of Texas were not affected and they were all to the south.

Landmarks: TCU, New Republic of Texas buildings, Opera House, Ridgemar mall, Coliseum (was the Fort Worth convention center), TRE Stations, Baylor hospital plazas, Fort Worth Zoo, Camp Bowie W. Blvd Ridglea plaza market, Carswell AFB,

Ford-Worth NRT

The city of Ford-Worth (Fort Worth) lies west of Allas (Dallas) near the carswell base

Town History

According to local legend…

In ages past, this city was a central hub for cattle and produce distribution.

Decades ago, Allas was struck by a meteor (nuclear warhead), which caused fiery birds to fall from the sky and then were, followed by several falling clouds. The great campfires burned for many days and the clouds of death spread on the wind and killed all the adults. These clouds also brought with them a metamorphosis that changed all the creatures in the area.

The Town Today

The town has been repopulated by those changed by the metamorphosis and others who were drawn to the sense of order that cities of old used to have. A diverse community has sprung up around the area and fight in the streets for control on a block by block basis. Over a thousand people call Ford-Worth home, though this number changes drastically as the gangs bring in more troops for the fight. Locals refer to the fighting in the streets as the great clash.

Despite the destruction that ravaged Ford-Worth, in some alternative world lines it was an Ishtaran tech manufacturing community.  In another alternative world the Carswell location was a landing strip for Area 52 test plans and was used to understand how their tech worked. Because of this, Ishtaran and Area 52 tech can be found in a few hidden locations.

Local Landmarks

TCU – The Knights of Genetic Purity have taken over most of the campus and hold extermination rituals in the old ball-park

New Republic of Texas buildings (All run by Engineered Humans) Engineered Humans that grew up after the great death that followed from the clouds are trying to bring back the order that existed before the big mistake.  They do not fully understand the underlying roles of the groups they have taken up arms for and therefore are following their leader’s agendas.  These agendas are based on power and greed and only the Rangers are looking out for the locals.  The Rangers are out gunned and out manned in comparison to the other groups, but they have the support of locals and so they are fed better and have more areas to move through than the others.

  • Tax Collector’s office: Rangers

  • Family Court: Cit Police

  • City Court House: Marchals

  • Sheriff’s Depot: Sheriffs

  • Police Department: Police

  • County Records Section: NRT Marshals

  • County Court House: NRT Marshals

Opera House – The landmark is radioactive, Characters traveling into it take damage

Ridgemar mall – Mutant badgers from the forests around the mall took up arms and stormed the mall.  They were able to establish a foothold in the structure and then systematically gained ground pushing out anyone that was not of their kind.  Josiah Bigbadder runs the stronghold with an iron fist and is building an army of mutated animals. He has joined forces with a larger group called the Bonapartist Army that is ruled by badders.

Fort Worth convention center – Some of the Engineered Humans that grew up around the area that are more focused on anarchy have built a fight system in this location and call it the Coliseum. There is one man who has crawled to the top of this cult and he will take on any challenger, he has not been beaten since he arrived 5 years ago.  If he is defeated then the person that wins takes over the cult and makes any new rules he / she wants to.

TRE Stations – Mutated Rabbits called Hoops have taken over the TRE stations; they are trying to make the system work again and are converting the trains back to steam engines.  They are hoping to get the system back up and running in the next few years so they can work out trade routes out of the area. They are incredibly territorial and will fight anyone that comes into their area without question.

Baylor hospital plazas – Searching for knowledge and a healthier way of life, mutated lizards called Sleeth have moved into the Medical district to get access to anything left there.  Without power they cannot make any of the machines work, but they have found lots of pharmaceuticals and are trading them for food with the other groups.  They will work on individuals that are injured but no one else is allowed in the compound.

Fort Worth Zoo – Humanoids that were transplanted from a non-technological timeline (Grens) have taken over the Zoo and are using the mutated animals from the location as riding beasts and other “pets”. The enclave has many warriors and they have sent some of the harder to control animals or animals that mutated into sentient creatures out of the Zoo to fend for themselves.

Camp Bowie W. Blvd Ridglea plaza market – On a rampage of devouring food and other consumables the Porkers finally settled in the market place where there were still food stores in the restaurants.  Most of the food is gone now but they are unwilling to leave as they are hoping that the next shipment (that will never come) will arrive soon.

Carswell AFB – This abandoned site is said to be the location of a hive of Cloud Worms (Blights) and no one will go near.  These bugs are known to be invisible till they strike and then carry off their prey to the hive to be feed upon. 

There was an underground Radiation proof bunker hidden in the area and this is where the characters come from.  The Radiation proof location would have worked great except that a few people that were infected carried the virus into the bunker and the adults died.  A new culture started there and the traditions of the old world died away.  Children were born with mutations and the type of mutations got worse over the decades. Now, 150 years later, food has run low and it is time for a brave team to go out into the world above and procure more food. This is where the players start.

YMCA near Carswell AFB – Mutated Raccoons, called Dabbers, took over the YMCA building as it had an indoor pool and generator that allowed them to keep the pool filtered.  They use the pool to clean themselves and keep contaminants out of their fur.  There are about 50 Dabbers in the compound. They use the lake to clean gear and new items which they go into the outlying area to find.  They are collectors and have filled the complex with things they may find useful.  They are the only group that has successfully navigated the Carswell AFB to gather equipment and resources.

Radio Shack Building – This building was pulled from another timeline and in the other world it was an Ishtaran Manufacturing Complex.  The building is protected by robots and has not been scavenged by anyone in the area.  There are sensors all around the building and under it, to take this building on the characters will need to be very powerful or have lots of fodder to lose while trying to take it.

Terrorist attacks against Texas and the US, followed by the invasion of Iran which caused Iran to fire Nuclear missiles at the US, which caused many countries to follow their treaties and attack the attackers, Mexico joined in the fun by firing Small Nuclear Cluster bombs at Texas.  One of the 3 stage Cluster bombs struck Dallas and the surrounding area.

... that's a particularly nutty worldline right there.

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I would like to add my Gamma World campaign setting in on this list.
Huntsville, Alabama - Hunt Fill
Locations in the city include - Red Stone Arsenal, The U.S. Space and Rocket Center, Von Braun Civic Center
I am working on NE GA area, centered around Athens-Atlanta.

Comments welcome.