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The Doctor Comics Blog: On Twitter @doctorcomics GW Card List:
Gabe seems to be talking about the 7th edition which hits stores on the 19th, but he says he bought it sunday - Is there something I'm missing? I'd really like to go out and pick up a copy and not wait until the 19th,
Our premiere stores had it on October 8th. All regular stores will have it on October 19th.
Michael Robles Community Manager Wizards of the Coast Twitter: @michaelrobles
Hopefully this encourages people to take a second look at the game beyond their disagreement with the randomized booster packs. It's a good game, it plays quick, it plays simple and it encourages creativity, at least from my players:

How does an Android Hawkman look anyway? Apparently it's a little like a Transformer.

A Doppleganger Mind Coercer? Looks like a Gray Alien, probably a descendant of the Area 52 guys. Those extra copies it can make? Psychic projections.

Felinoid Speedster? And I quote: "Well, that's sort of easy, it's a really really fast cat."

If you don't like the boosters, don't buy them. But don't toss out stuff like this ^ to spite them.
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