Willie's War Toys Omega Tech Emporium

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Welcome to Willie’s War Toys, your one stop spot for technology from ages past.
Looking for a Repeating Gauss Rifle to help you take down that rampaging warbot threatening your village? We’ve got them by the case, in mint condition too. Need a hand figuring out if that glowing substance is radioactive or just a phosphorescent glow? Try one of our slightly used i-Sci science comps.

Oh… Wait, you came here to see new stuff… Or the “good stuff” as some people call it… Let me see what I’ve got in the old trunk’o’junk.


Here’s a spot for us to post our own Gamma World Omega Tech. Don’t feel confined by the “big three” of Area 52, Xi, and Ishtar, feel free to add your own… Enjoy and have fun.
Once I'm done with the map I'll post the full description of Willie's War Toys (a trans-dimensional arms and equipment dealer found in most of my games).