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Fricken awesome fun!

We only used the core set, but it was still great, and i have already had emails from the entire group stating that i am to order them all some boosters as they want to build their decks!

Next session is 2 weeks away, but i cant wait! 
For some reason I expected to open this thread and see the first post as, "... This game blows!"

Glad you had fun. You should tell us your campaign story and about the PCs. 
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I don't know if GW has campaigns per se. More like Party A meets Situation B and hilarity ensues.Laughing
Come on Grizzwald! How many played? What were their origins? What did they fight? Anything!? 
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Hi again,

The party was the following:

Hissstory: A felanoid/hypercog who relies on his claws and throwing "daggers" (by daggers i mean anything that remotely looks like one and can do the job)! This character is played by Martin. ;)

Eastwood: An android/mind coercer who watched too many old western films he found and now thinks he is living in the old west. He wears a duster, a cowboy hat, and carries a wrench (he rolled mechanics as his random skill) as his main weapon. This character is played by Dave. 

Squawk: A hawkoid/doppleganger bounty hunter. He wears a pair of old goggles he found and a lot of black leather...he seems to looooovveee black leather! ;) He also wields a giant katana (once an animé replica weapon) he found. This character is played by Ed. 

GT (The Green Thing): A plant/seismic who is basically Tree-beard but smaller and made up of earth and plants. He wields a stop sign as a shield and traffic bollard as a weapon. He talks very slowly ....sometimes annoyingly so! ;) This character is played by Andy. 

We finished the first 2 encounters of the adventure, so i'll write them up this evening for you all to read.


Ps - If anyone has any particular questions they want answered feel free to ask.
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