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For the release of the PHB3, I decided to try something different: a minotaur Ardent/Runepriest hybrid. She's played decent so far, but I'm wondering how to build her in the upcoming levels to be better, even if the combination might not be as good as some out there. Here's what I'm working with so far:

Str 18, Con 15, Dex 8, Int 11, Wis 10, Cha 16
Euphoric Ardent (Str/Con)
Wrathful Runepriest (Cha/Con)

Initial Idea: Maximize attack & damage buffs, defense debuffs, get as many opportunity attacks as possible to take advantage of Euphoric's +2 opp att dmg & Word of Diminishment's +5 dmg to opp attacks.

Current Slant: Demoralizing Strike + Runepriest Aura = relative +3 to attack my target. My damage increases by +2 whenever I'm hit. (And I'm getting hit a lot. My bad Reflex defense seems to make me AoE mincemeat.)

Future Builds: Going for Axe Mastery, early powers that provide opp attacks like Symbol of Wrath Reversed (Runepriest 3) and Mindlink Strike (Ardent 7). Might switch Demoralizing Strike (Ardent 1) to Unnerving Shove (Ardent 3), because although the -Def is nice, I'm having trouble using the Augment 2 version while allies are nearby. Hoping to improve my healing with Shield of Sacrifice (Runepriest 2) & Escalating Fury (Ardent 6), while Rune of the 4 Winds (Runepriest 10) provides a move effect for times I'm just holding the line.

Although her stats favor the runepriest class, I notice I'm dipping into more Ardent powers for her. Therefore I'm tempted to put a stat increase into Con at Lvl 4 (to improve its modifier to +3/+4) instead of going +Str/Cha the entire way.

Possible Changes: I've been looking over the Impetuous Mantle in Psionic Power; it might be a better fit for the character, especially since enemies haven't provoked many Opportunity Attacks so far, making the Euphoric Mantle's passive bonuses worthless. Do PCs get off more Opportunity Attacks at later levels, or is it a fool's errand to keep a mantle that buffs them?
I've found PC OAs to be fairly rare, even more so once the monsters realize how much they hurt.  There are a few powers that will grant OAs, with emphasis on the few, but I think the extra damage mostly just makes them a stronger deterrent.