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Just documenting here for those who will put an errata out where I find those pesky "see page xx" references that don't actually list page numbers

Page 104, Fly  ...walk or run action (see page xx)   s/b (see page 20)

Wow, really?  I hadn't spotted any and thought they finally had their act together for this... sadly I am wrong apparently.
As this has been happening since 2E, I think someone in WotC needs to say to the editors, "One more of these and you will be looking for a new job."
Cheers Imruphel aka Scrivener of Doom
Still compared to the page(XX) references in the darksun campaign guide, one instance is not the end of the world...well maybe it was depending on the reality, but thats normal for GW.

"To stop nuclear annihilation please see page (XX)."
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