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Seems there is a lot of good and bad reviews of this game, not sure what to believe. the thing that concerns me the most is the soft cover book and the binding issues. I have read the forums but wondering if there is an thought of coming out with hard cover with main rule book and the expansions all in one?

Thinking a little bit more about it it seems strange that the game and expansions are coming together....sounds like marketing and money making I guess. Lol I already own 2 copies of gamma world maybe will wait a bit and see what happens....
There is no indication that a hardcover is on the way. 

However, so far, only one or two people have specifically had their books start to come apart. The book seems a bit flimsy, but the proof is in the pudding.

I imagine if people's books fell apart within a week of purchase, we could probably talk to our local Wizards rep and get a replacement.  
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