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I bought this game the night my premier store first received it and have been buying boosters for it each day since.  I have been following and waiting for this game for months.  I have also played a lot of D&D 4e previously.  I use some really cool crib/cheat sheets that some people made when I play D&D 4e that helps me keep some of the rules straight like healing surges, second wind, actions, etc.  Gamma World uses the D&D 4e rules in a somewhat simplified version and with some minor distinctions.  Have any of you created and/or working on any nice crib sheets or cheat sheets for this game? Or do you know where I can find one?

Thanks in advance! 
I have constructed some cheat sheets for the game and uploaded them for download for everyone.  

The first is my overall general cheat sheet that covers things like attack modifiers (special thanks to kiznit's D&D 4e crib sheet), anatomy of a combat turn (once again thanks to kiznit), combat advantage, opportunity actions, end of turn stuff, immediate actions, second wind, temp hit points, death and dying, rest and recovery, resting, line of sight vs. line of effect, how to read weapon damage, skills, crafting/lifting/dragging, passive perception, check DCs.  I am not great at layout at all and it is kind of rough but functional.  You can download it at:

My second cheat sheet covers conditions.  You can download it at

My third cheat sheet covers terrain types and vision/light.  You can download it at

I hope you all enjoy and get good use out of them! 
First, thank you to spellbinder5150 to try to provide us some good cheat sheets, but I must say that first sheet came to be four pages of materials.  I am guessing my version of Word is having a hayday with the formatting.  Anychance you can make a PDF of it and upload that so it wont be so wonky in layout?
There are actually some pretty good quick reference sheets in the game day material.

There are actually some pretty good quick reference sheets in the game day material.


Sweet, now to not be on vacation on that day and get one.
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