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When the Nobel-prize winning physicist William Shockley wasn’t helping to invent the transistor, he was lecturing or speaking about “Dysgenics,” the theory that mankind was slowly becoming less intelligent due to the simple fact that smart people did not reproduce  fast as stupid people. Shockley argued that in order for humanity to resist this downward  intellectual pressure, we needed something which forced us upwards. He theorized that a super-predator which hunted man could provide that upward pressure, forcing mankind to be smart or die.

Radical bio-engineers convinced of Shockley’s thesis designed just such a super-predator in the early 21st century and a breeding population existed in secret by the time of the Big Mistake. The earth-shattering chaos which soon followed allowed Homo Shockleyensis to escape its confines; its makers perished soon after.

Shockleys are pack creatures bred to hunt and kill man. They have a genetic disposition to enjoy human flesh. Although they can use technology, they cannot maintain or repair it. It is common to find various bits of Ancient trash in use by Shockleys, and some of them may even use weapons or Omega Tech, but when these devices break, they are simply discarded. When Shockleys attack, they begin by disarming their foes, depriving human beings of weapons or tools. They see in the dark, track by scent, and kill with claw and fang.

Design Notes: Shockleys are inspired by a sidebar in GURPS Y2K. I used 4E monster design rules, including the recent buff to monster damage values. In play, Shockleys should be run like the creatures in the Aliens films: terrifying and lightning quick, always just a little bit smarter than you thought they were.

Download the Shockleys here.

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Can I reserve judgement until after I put them through the hell that is known as my gaming group?
Hey, if you use them, I would consider them a success.

Monsters are pretty simple these days, especially low level melee ones. Most of their stats are pre-determined, and Shockleys don't have that many weird powers. 
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I have updated the monsters and changed the original post. Formatting on a forum post is very wonky.

I had done some of the monster calculations wrong; their ability score modifiers were not adjusted for level, resulting in some low skill checks. Also, Brutes no longer have a -2 attack penalty, but they do have a -2 Initiative penalty.

Just click the link to download from Google docs. 
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