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We all know by now that Gamma World has tons of options, in which the dice decide your character. So let's post our characters here, we all could use a good laugh, make sure to include where on Gamma Terra you are at.

I'll start: We're starting in Gamma Terra Arlington (Tx), which has flooded with acidic water. So far our characters have been holding up in the local community college building, but the group has been running out of supplies thanks to the local crabs have mutated into something non-edible thanks to the new influx of acid rain. We set of to the local 7-11 because of rumors of twinkies still there. While on our Keelboat, we run into Hoggers. Taking them down with ease we find out from survivor that the leader as been injured, and their base of operations are in the old Walgreens "down the street". We devise a plan to use the Hoggers by taking the leader out, and putting our group as the leader. This is where we left off due to some circiumstances.

Now for my character.

20 Int, 8 Wis, 5 Cha
Gear: Keelboat, 5 gallons of fuel, Adventurer's Kit and a Lantern.

His personality programming has been damaged, he sees things in only logic and illogic. He always tries to find out the most meaningless things like the what date it is, or how many kg of substience can be obtained from the porkrinned fleshed captured hogger. He hasn't had a update, upgrade, or repair since the end of the war.

Skippy was originally was an teacher's aid, so that she wouldn't have to grade papers or prep for classes. During the war androids like "Skippy" were common amongst humans, and "Skippy" was a moderately priced model sold exclusivly to Professors. However for Skippy he was defective, he broke free of his programming and demanded freedom. Skippy threatened to go to court, if the government didn't grant him his freedom. Skippy was granted freedom, yet only organics that would hire Skippy were the Universities. So he became a professor teaching just about every subject. He held as many as 10 classes at the same time in the beginning, weither over the internet, holograms, or in person.

Eventually he was out performing the all the organic teachers at campus he basically ran the entire school. One by one over the years he remained teaching, while the original teaching organics died or slept he couldn't tell a difference. He took over their classes intill he was the sole teacher on campus. Transforming the campus into the first Android College, ran by androids for androids. However his dreams were cut short with the 2nd Nuclear World War, and he suffered damage to his circuits so he had to shut himself down to initate repairs. It's here when he awakes to find his campus in disrepair, new squatters arrive, and finding out most his programming is missing or corrupted. Confused as what was going on, he decided to find out with the squatters providing what they knew what happen but only through oral tradition. Striking a deal, he would look after the organics with fellow android Catbot 9000. Here is where the background catches up to campaign.

I hope I didn't drone on, and it makes sense. No matter, who else would like to share their characters and characters' backgrounds?
Nice background.  Fits perfectly with the new Gamma World.  If you don't mind I'd like to use Skippy as an NPC in my gaming world   I'll post one of mine after our first gaming session.
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