Dealing with post rotation stress disorder

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With the sudden loss of Time Spiral and 10th, a lot of my casual Extended decks are feeling the hurt. The loss of Primal Rage to my Bant Weenie deck hurts the most as it was just the card I was missing for so long.

Knowing that in my group, most of us would be heavily impacted by the rotation (and we've only just adjusted to Extended not 3 months ago), I'm wondering what possibilities exist so as to not have to completely dismantle the decks we've grown attached to already.

Sure, there's new cards coming in, btu we've just lost 3 expansions and 1 core set and have only gotten 1 expansion so far to replace it. It'll be a while before Scars of Mirrodin fully overtakes the loss.

Has anyone found a casual friendly format mod to keep alive your most cherished decks without having to fully go into Legacy?
I was under the impression that a casual deck had no format restrictions.
If it's just you & your friends playing, who cares about the rotation?
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