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Wow, I think this game is going to be great.  I sliced the plastic off the box at my FNGS, and slid the well-constructed box open.  My only initial complaint is that the maps are too small.  I would have liked a "dungeon tile" option instead, to fit the random nature of this game.

Almost immediately, the game shop owner (Joseph Murphy, geekTOPIA, Jonesboro, AR) and I began creating characters.  The system seems great.  The rules are super simplified, and we love them.

But after a mere 3 hours, the pages seem to want to come out of the book.  What is up with this binding? 
My complaint is also about the binding. I can already tell my copy will not last long before the pages start to fall out. I'm hoping that there is going to be a means of exchanging the book.
Vancian magic needs to be nuked from orbit. It's the only way to be sure it will never appear in the core for Next. Vancian magic is purely for nostalgia. Nostalgia doesn't make bad mechanics good.
Right there with both of you, looking at my spine I get the feeling it's going to go pretty soon. 
I haven't had any binding issues with my book (yet), but I can see where there might be problems.

This binding method is notoriously unreliable (ask anyone that plays Flames of War). So I'm left wondering why Wizards didn't use the same method that was used on the essentials books.
Almost certainly cost. They figured a 160 page book could use a less secure binding, which would save on production costs.

So far no sign of wear on mine, but after reading of some reports, I do not have a lot of confidence. 
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Mine seems fine.  I took it and made copies of all the classes so my players wouldn't have to write there powers on another sheet of paper (really speeds up the character gen and lvling up is a breeze since all your possible powers are right in front of you.) I sat it flat down onto a copy machine and copied every origin. My binding seems to be strong, no problems its already taken some copy machine abuse and walked away unscathed.
I also flattened it on the scanner to copy some origins. No issues here either ... yet. The binding has separated a bit from the spine, but the pages are still secure.

If the pages start falling out, I'm just gonna scan them all and make myself a PDF. 
Do think they will come out with hard cover? I hate the soft cover gaming books that always seem to get beat up and fall apart. Just wondering if anyone heard anything
How's the "Lay Flat" feature. Can you tell, or was just in the review copies?
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I think it's the "Lay Flat" feature that may be causing the "falling apart book" syndrome... Unlike usual softbound books the pages seem to only be glued (sewn) in along the edge, as opposed to the millimeter deep area of each page that is glued in normal softbound books.
The lay-flat feature is not really there, at least not for me.  When trying to lay the book flat torward the adventure end of the book it wants to close, toward the middle it will stay open.   I plan on going and getting it spiral bound (like my savage worlds book)
My copy is holding up so far. Everybody treats it with some respect, so that could have something to do with it. I usually wind up holding the book lefty so that the 'lay flat' sort of works and keying away right handed. 
Do think they will come out with hard cover?

I'm hoping if it does well they'll consider that: Maybe as a merged version of all the material in this book and the two in the upcoming supplements...  Don't know how likely it is.
I got mine ring-bound at Copymax for 3.50, and so far that's my favorite Gamma World accessory.
I got mine ring-bound at Copymax for 3.50, and so far that's my favorite Gamma World accessory.

Did they punch holes through the edge of the pages, or put the pages in some sort of sleeve?

Getting it ringbound sounds great, but I don't want holes going through the pictures or text.
My copy's holding up just fine, but it sounds like the way we use it is different than what some people are reporting - we dont ever keep it open really during sessions - just pick it up and leaf through it in one hand if we need to check something, then put it down again.

Its going on its 5th session now, and still is in prime condition.
@Khopesh122: They did punch holes through the edge of the pages, but there's actually plenty of gutter space for them to do this with.  You lose a sliver of cover art, no text, and portions of interior art you'd probably never see anyway because they're in that gutter space.

I'll note that the ring binding I got uses the spiral stuff, so maybe I should have said 'spiral binding' - the holes are less than 2mm wide.
I got mine ring-bound at Copymax for 3.50, and so far that's my favorite Gamma World accessory.

Grrr.  Staples charged me about 5 bucks but did the same.  Agree that it's worth it, though.

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