Looking for Player - Lonsadale - Southern Adelaide

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I am currently looking for 1 player for a 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Campaign with the first session of our regular group commncing Saturday 9th October at noon and playing each Saturday (except the first Weekend of each moth) in South Australia - Lonsdale - south of Adelaide.

We have been an established group for 1 1/2 years with the same campaign in continuation that is high fantasy set in Points of lights campaign style world with a heavy undead/demon focus. Continually lose people due to family commitments and work.

We are aged between 20-30 and any gender is welcome!

The current make-up of the group is:

16th Level Human Brawler Style Fighter
16th Level Human Cleric of the Raven Queen (Healer)
16th Level Wild Elf Ranger (Ranged)
16th Level Revenant Avenger of the Raven Queen

Would not mind someone filling in the Controller or another Fighter-type character.

Drop me a PM or email me at draenath@hotmail.com