10/06/2010 BoaB: "Build Your Own Eldrazi"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Building on a Budget, which goes live Wednesday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Compared to www.wizards.com/magic/magazine/Article.a...,
fetch-lands & Adventuring Gear, Sword of Body and Mind and Mox Opal
were replaced with
Basilisk Collar, Journey to Nowhere, and Trusty Machete.

As an aside, in casual, Lightning Greaves would be awesome because Quest for the Holy Relic doesn't target.
I have to say I'm tempted to splash blue for with the number of one cost artifacts in this deck. 
I will not lie, I am tempted to take a version of this deck to States this weekend....just a few Armament Master and Kor Sanctifiers in the sideboard

I really do see people running this deck in standard 
I think at least one, but probably 2 not all too expensive equipments are missing: Strata Scythe and Sword of Vengeance. Both aren't hard to trade for. Strata Scythe is a decent addition to Argentum Armor in giving a lot of P/T boost. Sword of Vengeance... Well, it gives Haste, Trample, first strike and not to forget: Vigilance. It makes any creature draw a decent treat in the late game, as opposed to any of the other equipments, for which you'll have to wait a turn to make use of it.

If I had traded for the Stoneforge Mystics recently, I would probably play a deck like this at FNM until Koth.dec is finished.

Pretty cool.  Hope it gets famous.

Then again...if Chapin's playing it...

So, having zero cost creatures is a bad thing in an aggressive deck?  Memnite already has one power, making it a bit better than Ornithopter.  Combined with Tempered Steel or Steel Overseer, and they can be very powerful.

I understand that in today's deck you would want to hold them back until you have a Quest for the Holy Relic.  But in any other deck, they can be played the first turn along with whatever one cost card you happen to have.
"Cards like Baneslayer Angel,Titans, and Jace, the Mind Sculptor are so powerful that it seems unreasonable to assume that every person will play some number of cards that you actually want to target with Disenchant effects."


"These days, you can play almost anything and have it be competitive. ConstructedMagic is in a really awesome place right now."

in the same paragraph?

Kind of meh to read the first paragraph and know the article is about a deck that's been popular for two weeks already and was featured in the Arcana last week sometime.  I guess it's alright under the assumption that not everyone that plays MtG visits other sites but it was disappointing to me.

By the tagline I was hoping he was going to make a new Conscription build lol.
I got into magic a few years ago, a large part of it was reading fun decks from Ben Bleiweiss. This is my first post on here because sitting those decks side by side makes me a little annoyed.

For the last few months I have been betting with some friends on what the next few decks will be in this artical based on reading starcity games suggested deck lists. Just picking out the cheaper to build decks means we guess most of the decks weeks in advance; not surprisingly including this one.

I feel like this column needs a major revamp its just rehashing decks other people have writen about. There is no real insight or injection of fun added.

Remember when Ben made the Planar chaos dragons cycle of articals? Now that was a lot of fun. Just aiming to be a poor persons tournament deck artical is a waste of time
-It is not done as well as people writing about the full tournament picture.
-It reduces the area of things to write about which Ben made full use of.
-Decks are not costed so the budget impact is just missing. That deck could easily have included other options still in a budget like say sword of body and mind for people upping the cost.

Its ashame the writer cannot see the fun in decks not designed for tournament play. Decks that are terrible at tournament level  just get a gauntlet of its 3 best matches and its all good.

This entire artical structure and writers approach feel like a bit of an insult to readers. This reads as a 10 minute rush job to make a quick buck with little care about the quality of artical.

Anyway thats how I feel I might be in the minority but throwing my two cents in.
From the article: I decided that I wanted a pair of Trusty Machetes so we could double equip and have cards like Glint Hawk, Ornithopter, Stoneforge Mystic, and Kor Outfitter all be prepared to survive a hit by a Lightning Bolt

But the actual deck list only has one Trusty Machete.  Nice editing there.
With the 0 drop creatures, couldn't adding in Mox Opal mean 1st turn pop off.
God hand as such.
Quest for the Holy Relic
3 Ornothoopters or Memnites
Mox opal.

Drop the plains and the Quest. Then 2 0 drops, then Mox, Then Glint Hawk, Then pop 0 drop and recast. Quest pops Argentum Armor on Glint Hawk.

Any 1 drop removal in the standard meta right now?
OR Even drop the quest and a 2 0 drops 1st turn. Second turn use the Kor Skyfisher to do the same thing. Equip a 0 drop and swing.

edit-> So I checked. Ha there's plenty. Gonna be hard to take out all 3 though, if you wait a turn and pop the quest second turn. You can get condemned, but the effect would still happen by then, and with the Outfitters, it would be pretty hard to come back from.
War Priest of Thune would be a good sideboard...

For Leylines, Ascensions, Quests, etc..
I love how he just doesn't playtest them anymore because

A. He knows they're bad
B. He's not getting paid any less.

I want Ben back. At least he cared about the column and built his own unique decks, or once or twice, took a legit expensive deck and make it budget. All of this with 10-30 playtests or multiple articles.

Not to say this deck is bad. I've picked up the cards and playtested it. It's incredibly inconsistant and is very suspectable to removal. It does alot of goldfishing really. You need card draw with blue, or

4 of each Memnite, Ornithopter, Kor Skyfisher, and Glint Hawk to be halfway consistant at all. good deck though, it really perked my interest until everyone and their mother was building it. Then it became like every other deck.
"A lot of people on the forums suggested that cards like Naturalize and Shatter would see play in competitive Standard decks. Fortunately, this just isn't the case."

Well, I'm glad that you know so much more than everyone on the forums.  'Cause with decks like this around, no one would even consider SBing naturalize or shatter.  BTW, how many win cons are you running?  2?  And how many of those are shatterable??  But your right, no one will bother playing artifact removal 'cause you said so right?
I love this deck!!!!  Of course I loved it the most when I saw it on the magic show 5 days ago.  Seriously man, this is 2010.  If you want to market an idea better get ot it faster than you did.  Been there, seen it......
I will defend the deck choice as it is varied enough from the 2x other versions this site put out before this article.  I don't mind most of the choices made here.

My comments in the strictly constructie means is to either throw price upgrades in (IE what I can do if I had more money to inest in this deck); or atleast make defend the possible reasoning why this is a good udget build.

I am going to really write too much, so brace yourself.

This deck costs about...
Armor x2 = $3 Total
Mystic x4 = $24 Total
Memnite x4 = $4 Total
Collar = $5
Sword of Vengence = $2 (I'm playing it)

There is the money.  I know prices fluctuate.  But I debate, playfully, why I sleeved this up for my FNM choices.  Its Win-$ ratio is amazing.  For a proper foresight last season, I already had everything but the Scars pieces.  And the Armor is an easy trade/find.  This deck is little investment to anyone who has the Mystics.

Now, let's talk sideboard basics.  Kor SAnctifiers 4x, mirror match and similar builds need answers.  Khemba, attrition wars.  Luminarch Ascension, anti-control since it was created.

Run down the prices and prioritize trading... boom!  Covering bases and defending deck choice. 

I did like the Skyfisher bouncing itself trick, didn't think of that on my own.
I loved this article, I struggle finding good cheap decks and you always pull through. Thanks!
Yes this deck is popular, and a rehash of another deck, but its cheap and for the most part good.  The bit about no one having artifact distruction is a crock, I'll be expecting one of these at my FNM tonight and I'll be playing it.  Revoke existence, Salvage scout, and indomitable Archangel are in my side, as well as the Kemba and Luminarch ascension.  I also splashed blue for trinket mage and which seems to be working out.  Its a cheap deck and it can win.
Devout Lightcaster would also be good in the sideboard, just not sure on how to squeeze it in, though... any suggestions on how to build the sideboard?
thinking about putting a Stonehewer Giant into the deck. grabbing the argentum armor and running through with a 10/10 doesn't seem like bad thing to have. thoughts?