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Basically I'm interessted in the game for quite a while, but as a collector the availability and the price of the two exclusive Promo cards (Gray Hag Promo given out at GenCon 2010 and Kobold Champion Promo given out at PAX 2010) just drives me away from buying it.
I wish there would be other ways than ebay to acquire those cards, but I doubt WotC will make these available at their site or reprint these in Wrath of Ashardalon. I know, I'm not the only collector with this issue (just check the forums at boardgamegeek), so please WotC make these cards more available.
Actually especially the Kobold is rumored to be reprinted in "Wrath" on the boardgamegeek boards
TBH I would like to aquire them too - but then again they are so rare if you only want them for playing reasons you are perhaps better of if you print them and use Magic Deck protectors with a colored back.

It costs a feat, probably a proficiency (i didn't check), an item you have to constantly re-stock, and is only once per character per short rest... meanwhile on the pro-side, it heals just about a single monster attack worth of hit points in many cases.


It's not something I expect I'll ever see my players actually even use because of how barely even worth it that it is, despite that it is a potent source of healing.

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