Session 4: Conclusion confusion (SPOILER)

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Why do the kobolds believe that Ronnik is at Dragontooth Hill? I can understand how the doppleganger took Ronnik's identity and believe he is their patron but why do they believe he is someplace he is most likely not? Even a doppleganger cannot be in two places at the same time. . . unless there are multiple dopplegangers. . .

Perhaps the last time "Ronnik" visited the kobolds at the "Hideout" he could just have said he was heading up to Dragontooth Hill. Since the kobolds are stationed there, and have not been to Dragontooth Hill for days (if not weeks), they would not know for certain so would, probably, just believe him without independent confirmation.

I am tempted to have a kobold escape and run to Dragontooth Hill, so the PCs can track him, but since it is the end of a chapter I assume the party will take an extended rest before pursuing thus the trail will grow cold.

I could also annotate the map found in encounter 1-3 but the concern is the PCs might go to Dragontooth Hill before they assault the "hideout."

Another option is that Lord Drysdale has been recruiting militia to assault Dragontooth Hill so just about everyone knows about it being a cultists hideout but Benwick tells the PCs he wants to get there first to not only capture Ronnik (alive) but to recover the Serpent's Eye before the paladin claims it for Erathis.

I had Benwick explain the reasoning behind his desire to recover the Serpent's Eye is that it is a source of "bad luck" and that he want to give it to the priestess of Avandra (Goddess of Luck) so that she can "exorcise" it. He wants to keep it a secret too so as to surprise her with his "gift" when he asks her to marry him.

ps. I can't wait to "spring the trap" on my PCs. Most are new players, so I will be easy on them, but I can imagine the screams of protest when they learn the truth that they have been duped by the false friar the entire time. Mwuahaha! 

Not positive but after re-reading it, I think the intent is for the party to go back to Restwell with the "evidence" of Ronnick's tie in to Tiamat.  I'm thinking chapter 2 might be where they head back to dragon tooth hill.

Remember that they cannot take an extended rest until after the last encounter of a chapter.
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