Post 1-3 with a cautious group? (contains spoilers)

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Ok here's my potential problem.


My group has been playing cautious up till now and I have a feeling that after next week's encounter they are going to want to wait and confer with the authorities before going after Ronnick. I'll put it to them that if they delay that long Ronnick will cover his tracks and they won't be able pursue him but they may be content with just driving him out of the Keep. Any suggestions besides the DM railroad of "Well that ends that adventure and encounters."

Stress the fact that the bank is on fire and suggest it could burn the entire keep down if nothing is done about it right away.

My opinions are just that, my opinions. They are educated opinions however, I've been gaming since 1978 starting with the first D&D Red Box. Each version has brought something new and different to the game and IMO D&D has evolved to a fantastic state with 5th edition! It has the best of everything I loved from the past editions.

I didn't explain it right, when I said "Post 1-3" I meant at the conclusion of next week's session.
By the end of that encounter, they should have a map to lead them to the next one. if they confer with the authorities first, it shouldn't be a problem. Convey that Ronnik has a head start on them and that, since they chose to "waste time" chatting with the guards (who will want them to chase down Ronnik anyway, as he is currently beyond their meager reach and still poses a serious threat to the keep, since he is obviously a follower of Tiamat), they have some serious ground to make up. If they still try to take an extended rest, simply steal something valuable from them about halfway through their rest. Their treasure, or their weapons should do nicely. Of course, the thief needs to be caught in the act as he is leaving so that the party can give chase. Before long they can realize that the thief is heading to the Well Hideout. Whether they catch and beat the thief, or he finally gives up and dumps their stuff and runs, they find themselves stuck right at the begining of the encounter where they may as well get their stuff together... Begin Encounter!

By the by, if for some reason some of them try to attack the thief, give them massive penalties, it's raining (-2 penalty) and dark (concealment), they are running (-2 penalty), and likely the thief has a good headstart (long range penalty).

Alternatively, make it a skill challenge. Athletics, Endurance, Acrobatics, Perception, Nature could all be good primary skills. Insight and Arcana are possible secondary skills. If they succeed they catch the thief and have time to arm themselves before the Encounter begins. Should they fail, the thief sees that he can't shake them, nor outrun them and dumps their stuff at the Well Hideout and they must spend move and minor actions to retrieve their items during the first round of the combat.

Hope that helps...
The best way to force them to move on? Point out that if they take a rest at this point they lose out on 2 Renown points for reaching a milestone.
Thanks Crimson you have given me some ideas. Doko I'm trying to avoid using Meta game railroading but thanks anyway.
During the encounter, I will have the party find a partially burnt water-soaked map (that must have flown off of the burning pile of incriminating "evidence" and the water elemental splashed it) that indicates where the "Well Hideout" is. The map does not say "Well Hideout", it just has a red "X" and some cryptic notes scribbled on the side, "Midnight, bring chest and eye"  (I am using ambigious terms so they might get a worried look on their face if they think "chest" and "eye" are body parts; think Vecna)