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I'm preparing a new combo deck with Magosi, the Waterveil and the new Proliferate  mechanic. Here's what I've come up with until now. I'd like to hear your comments and suggestions!

Obviously, I'm running 4 copies of Magosi. Crop Rotation and Expedition Map are meant to fetch it if I do not get it straight away.

In order to proliferate, I use Contagion Clasp and Thrummingbird. Contagion Clasp can be fetched using Fabricate in case I don't get anything.

The goal is to put an eon counter on Magosi, skip one turn, and then proliferate to take free extra turns every turn.

I am using Jace Beleren, Ponder and Preordain for accelerators in order to draw into the pieces I need or into cards that will help me fetch what I need. Amulet of Vigor is there to save me a turn in case I get a late Magosi and it also helps to improve the Terramorphic Expanses to fix my mana.

Trinket Mage is able to fetch Amulet of Vigor, Expedition Map and Elixir of Immortality while Fabricate can fetch any artifact at all.

I think I have a very good mechanic to pull the combo, now there's the win condition question left. Either I can deck people using Jace as my deck already is, but this could be dangerous as I could be allowing my adversary to draw into counterspells or removal spells. Thus I should also think an interesting sideboard strategy in order to deal with those who can spoil my fun.

Here's what I think a sideboard could look like:

3 Guttural Response
4 Turn Aside
4 Counterspell
4 Back to Nature

The other option would be to include some additionnal win conditions in the deck such as Keening Stone or something else entirely.

Thanks for your help!
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Read the flavor text of spell pierce.

You have to return the waterveil to your hand to take an extra turn, so putting multiple counters on it via proliferate does nothing
haha, very nice.
Thanks for pointing that out!
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Edit: While I'm sure there's a way to make the waterveil work, it would take a lot of hoop jumping... more than I'm willing to do anyway.
Edit: While I'm sure there's a way to make the waterveil work, it would take a lot of hoop jumping... more than I'm willing to do anyway.

[c]Rings of Brighthearth[/C] can work. but you have to realize that you lose a turn (extra, so the opponent have two turns to kill you) while trying to obtain infinite turns. paring it with [c]Twiddle[/C] or something can save the day.

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The trick to abusing Magosi is to use Amulet of Vigor (which you already are running) and use Rings of Brighthearth.  The goal would be to run this kind of set up:

(aka: the best possible play)
Turn 1: Island, Amulet.
Turn 2: Magosi, give it a counter (this is your "weak" turn)
Turn 3: skipped
Turn 4: Magosi #2, Rings
Turn 5: Island, Win Condition? (I guess maybe Jace Beleren?)
Turn 6: Island, use Magosi for an extra turn, and use rings to copy it, add a counter onto the Other Magosi.
Turn 7.1: skipped.
Turn 7.2: Magosi, give one a counter and use the other.

Now, odds are you'll have to add in a turn or do so you can actually have a run condition and play it before you lock yourself out of the game by taking extra turns. Or you could be guts and try for something to the effect of winning off of Ornithopter + Bone Saw + Simian Spirit Guide / Elvish Spirit Guide.  With "infinite" turns, it shouldn't be hard to draw up 1 of each and just start swinging, and then pick up the other equipment and Spirit Guides to help you win faster.  Ornithopter even has evasion.

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