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Hi everyone.

I've recently been inspired (thanks to Jedi_Comedian's inspired You Build The Character competition and the contest that first got me interested in joining this community) to try running a series of competitions in the Praxeum.

The challenge would be to design a unique version of the selected area (examples include Hazards, Starships, Villains, Heroes, Droids, etc. - I'm also open to ideas anyone would like to suggest) within a set period of time, followed by voting or judging a winner.
BTW: The first competition would likely be to design a starfighter-class vessel with an interesting SQ.

The method of judging is yet to be finalised (I'm currently leaning towards community votes) and I'll try and get a Hall of Fame up in order to show your creative genius to the whole community - and the attendant bragging rights therein. ;)

Would people be interested in such a competition?
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I'm always up for putting my construction skills to the test
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Game on.
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Since there appears to be interest, I'll get to work on setting the contest up (it'll be 27th GMT+1 before I do so, however - but it'll give me time to finalise ideas, judging method, rules, etc.).

I'll announce the contest starting here in The Mess Hall, but the actual thread will be in The Praxeum.
Hi again.

The first contest is now up in The Praxeum for those who are interested.
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