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OK, I love them, but I just got the kit and dont have time to come upo with some myself.  i was thinking the player characters have time to wander around town before the intro text, maybe pick up a random rumour or two.  Soooooo, does anyone have some inclination to pour Keep on the Borderlands into the rumour-mill and pop out a nice table?

I was looking through my original Keep last night and found those old rumour tables and remembered what a great aid they are.  nothing quite like false leads and foreshadowing to spice up the adventure
Check out my Keep on the Borderlands Information Index here:

It would be easy enough to grab some of the info in there areas and use them as rumours. I know it's not exactly what you were looking for, but it's close.
I'm not running this season, so I don't have all the details.

However, I do have the ORIGINAL Keep on the Borderlands module, and the rumour table it had.

You'll likely need to adjust it to match the new keep and environs, but it's a start

B2 Original Keep Rumours


1: A merchant, imprisoned in the caves, will reward his rescuers.

2: A powerful mage will destroy all cave invaders.

3: Tribes of different creatures live in different caves.

4: An ogre sometimes helps the cave dwellers.

5: A magic wand was lost in the area near the caves.

6: All of the cave entrances are trapped.

7: If you get lost, beware the eater of men!

8: Altars are very dangerous.

9: A fair maiden is imprisoned within the caves.

10: "Bree-yark" is goblin-language for "we surrender!"

11: Beware of treachery from within the party.

12: The big dog-men live very high in the caves.

13: There are hordes of tiny scaly men in the lower caves.

14: Piles of magic armor are hoarded in the southern caves.

15: The bugbears in the caves are afraid of dwarves!

16: Lizard-men live in the marshes.

17: An elf once disappeared across the marshes,

18: Beware the mad hermit of the north lands.

19: Nobody has ever returned from an expedition to the caves.

20: There is more than one tribe of orcs within the caves.

Several of these were tagged as false. I'm not tagging them now, because in this new version, they might be true

If nothing else, this should be a good start for your own table.

Here's another collection of rumors, which are random and not necessarily Keep flavoured.
www.roleplayingtips.com/readissue.php?nu... (scroll down)
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Thank you Palmerkun, it was actually while flipping through the original, that I got the idea that they needed to be updated!  Instead I used them as-is tonight, and decided no modification necessary, maybe just some (F)'s would get shifted around It seemed to be a success, and added more RP and asking about town.
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