Encounter Buffs Season 3 Session 1

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Press the advantage! Creatures affected by forced movement grant combat advantage until end of their next turn.

Blessed by nature spirits, thousands of fireflies surround you. PCs gain +2 to defenses vs ranged attacks.

 A good night’s sleep has left you feeling limber. PCs gain a +5 bonus to Athletics checks

 Balms that Benwick gave you help with the sting of poison. PCs gain resist 2 poison

 The dragonborn has been hording food. Each PC gains a healing surge at the end of the encounter


There they be.


what is that?
Wizards tweets a random buff every hour that is to be used at the table, though some don't use them.  These are the 5 buffs in use for this session.

We need to make the weekly tweet buff thread sticky.