Dungeon 182 - The Dungeon of the Ghost Tower: An Adventure for 2nd-Level Characters

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DnDi_Large.pngDungeon 182
The Dungeon of the Ghost Tower: An Adventure for 2nd-Level Characters

by Robert J. Schwalb

"The Dungeon of the Ghost Tower" picks up from the story which began in the solo adventure presented in the Dungeons & DragonsFantasy Roleplaying Game Starter Set and continued in the solo adventure “Ghost Tower of the Witchlight Fens” and “The Twisted Halls” adventure in the Dungeon Master’s Book.

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I wondered if this would be related when I noticed Ghost Tower of the Witchlight Fens (the module you can access with the code in the Red Box) had Dungeon 182 in the margin.

Is there a place to comment on the errors in that adventure, like the final encounter being listed as page 20, when it's page 17. 
For people who played at the Red Box Game Day, this is confusing:


In Sunderpeak Temple Traevus is decribed as a wise sage, who wants to destroy the necromantic skull, but here Traevus is described as so evil - he wants to kill the PCs for discovering his secret, not even tries to convince them that he only has killed an evil necromancer after he couldn't manipulate him. I think I'll change Traevus to stay a good guy who has made failures in his past (the pact with the necromancer). I hope the PCs will forgive him and travel to the Shadowfell with him to rescue his brother. What do you think? Any better solutions or suggestions?

Kudos on something other than a 3-4 encounter delve for low levels. *This* is the size and scope I'd like to see more of in future Dungeon magazines.

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I think Traevus in the Red Box Game Day was just CLAIMING to be a good guy. In the Red Box, we (the PC) recover the skull for Traevus, and discover the skull is evil. Then Traevus SAYS he is taking it to the monastery... and when we get there, it's overrun by monsters and Traevus disappears to "keep the skull from falling into the wrong hands". Traevus is, IMO, lying. HE stole the skull from the monastery, he knew darn well it was overrun with monsters, and he took us there to get killed (and nearly succeeded, that dragon was no pushover). 
I'm really quite impressed with this adventure.  the length was great!  I like the way it's laid out, the fact that the players can do a number of things in their own order, and I really like the traps, and skill challenges (and the way they're presented) in addition to the combat. Really did this one right!

I'm also really really happy to see adventures that use dungeon tiles!  Especially the Master Set! Please do this more! I bought them I'd like to be able to use them with the published adventures!

My group is actually 4th level and I'm running them through Seekers of the Ashen Crown right now but I find some sections of SotAC to be a bit too grindy so last night to break up some of the fighting and such I  grabbed a few elements from this adventure and threw them into the area under Six Kings.  Worked out fantastically!

I used the room with the sarcophagus'  and had one of them lead down to the magic circle room (where one half of a key to get through the purple mist was) and I had the other lead down to the Scything Blades room (where the other half of the key was hidden).  The players ended up spending most of their time last night on the scything blades trap and really had a blast with it.  They very cleverly thought of grabbing one of the stone sarcophagus lids and using it as a shield to protect themselves from the blades and to do a bit of damage to the blades whenever they hit it.  I had them use some athletics checks to move it around and then to lift it and hold it over the player who was trying to work with the control panel to disable the trap.  It was really fun for all of us and I was really impressed with their clever thinking!

Next session they'll play around with the magic circle and then move onto some of the encounters built into SotAC, but I'll definitely be looking at adventures like this to plunder and use.

I might also just go ahead and use this adventure for the next "newbie" game I run for friends who've never played 4E (or who've only played it a little).  I used a Chaos Scar adventure last time but I think this one would be fantastic for some of the new players.  And having all of the dungeon tiles necessary to put it together means I can really help to give them some immersion, and to speed up the game as I won't have to hand-draw all of the maps!
I am enjoying the article and looking forward to DMing it, however I am missing page 16 (Encounter 5) of the PDF.

Is anyone else missing this?  If so, how can I get a copy of that page or find a link to it!?

Thanks everyone.

It must have been a download error. Try re-downloading the PDF.

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I don't think so.  I have tried downloading it several tines with the same error on page 16. It shows it as blank...all the other PDFs I have download have never had any issues.  Not sure then.  I guess I am alone here!  Maybe someone could send me the pdf via email, or even just the one page (16, Encounter 5).  

When you download it, make sure you download a fresh copy, and not just a copy of the cached broken version. 
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At the end of the adventure the characters can be awarded (burdened with Innocent ) the Anarusi Codex. One of it's properties is:

"Property: When you use this tome as an implement, you treat all allies as enemies until the end of your next turn."

How would something like this work from a game mechanics point of view? Is it for the purposes of burst / blast powers that target creatures vs enemies? Is it for opportunity attacks? Does the user just start attacking the other PCs?

I'm leaning toward the first idea (for the purposes of burst / blast powers), but wanted to see what other opinions were out there.

Thanks in advance!