Issues with Sal, Session 2 (spoilers)

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Ok, please people, don't make fun of me if I'm just not getting it, I have had an exhausting week.

I have read over Session 2 several times and I am running into consistency issues with Sal. 

1. WE know Sal is a doppleganger, the characters don't... fine.

2. Benwick describes Sal as a Human Female with blone hair and gray eyes.

Sal is the halfling eavesdropper in the tavern?  It says HE veers off to the side at the last moment and leads the characters into the ambush.

Under TACTICS, it describes the Bandits and Thugs attacking the party and SAL surrendering (making me believe that (s)he is the halfling that fled and hid).

Under SAL It describes SAL as a HER/SHE etc...

Under CONCLUSION it describes SAL as SHE, then it switches up and says that if the party questions HIM about why he did not help HE answers...

There is a deceptive picture of a FEMALE Halfling Thief on that page....

ARRGGHHHH!!!  I want to tear my hair out. 

Are they doing that on purpose?  Sal OBVIOUSLY isn't shifting from Male to Female Halfling to Human Female then Human Male in front of the adventurer's eyes.

Is this a massive TYPO or is it saying that Sal is hiding in the shadows during the fight?  Did Sal change from Halfling to Human under the eaves? 

Please help this old man figure this out.Yell

Thank you

My understanding is: 
Sal is not the Halfling, she's a noncombatant that lurks at the side of combat. She wasn't even in the tavern, Sal's been watching Ronnik's bank. There's no statblock for her, so don't even put her on the map. Only mention that one of the onlookers matches Sal's description if the PCs make the check.

I made a post on this as well. Keep in mind, Sal is NOT a part of the fight. I would apply the tactics where it says "sal" to the thief. It was a misprint.
Check out the "Ask the Author" thread on the board.

Sal was originally an active participant in Chris Sims' original draft, but was removed during the editing and playtesting phase of Encounters. References to Sal in the Encounter were not properly edited out.
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